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Posted on 25 October 2011

Residential VoIP services are available for all those having a broadband internet connection. A new definition of communication is introduced by VoIP system. Most striking feature of this system is its cost. There cost is almost half of traditional phone system. Various other features are also provided by VoIP system. The list of VoIP providers is increasing day by day. Online assistance is also available for those looking for VoIP installation t their place.


Residential VoIP services are available in two ways. One is with specially equipped phone that can be traditional analog phone having VOIP adapter or VoIP phone manufactured particularly for this application. Dial tone may not be provided by all VoIP service providers.

In this method, adapter or special phone is directly plugged into the broadband service. In many cases, high speed internet like DSL or broadband is required, Broadband is more recommended. However, rarely VoIP service is provided on traditional dial-up setup. But, before investing on dial up service, through investigation is required.

The other way to install VoIP is by using personal computer. In this method, a computer can act as phone. Simply by purchasing headphones which are usually available at reasonable cost.


Different plans and costs are offered by companies. Some of them will allow a consumer to call other consumer using same kind of protocol. Different costs may be demanded by some plans for making long distance calls. Still other may demand unlimited services by paying for a month.


Before making any decision about purchasing of VoIP, many issues require settlement. The foremost one is about emergency situation, a serious but unanswered issue. Usually no response is provided on dialing 911 in an emergency situation.

Traditionally, through reverse directory, emergency dispatchers are able to know exact location of a caller. But, in the case of cellophane it is hectic, as in this case nearest tower is indicated. It takes longer time to locate exact location of a caller. Thankfully, this is associated with internet phone service.


It has been mandated by federal government that VoIP service providers should made it sure that 911 calls should be received by nearest emergency dispatcher.

Additionally, these companies should be able to give client’s information. But information may not necessary appear on screen, as in the case of traditional phone. Anyhow, this may not be the most famous reason for not accessing VoIP service providers.

Considerations about Sound Quality:

Mainly costumers are worried about sound quality. Whines, echoes, and screeches are the most common complains of VoIP. But, now quality is getting better. If signal is compressed, improvement is required for improving quality. According to experts, this system is at infancy stage, many years are required by it to match the level of traditional phone. Anyhow, VoIP is really very cost effective.

Services Provided By VoIP:

Many standard options are provided by VoIP. Few of them are message notification, call blocking, unlimited calling within Canada and US, call forwarding, last call return, three way dialing, caller ID, call waiting and voice mail. Weighing all pros and cons, VoIP is an advisable option. Even if wrong decision is taken by a person, there are many ways to solve the problem.


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