Latest Facts About The Satellite Phone Sales

Posted on 10 October 2011

The market for the satellite phone sales is quite smaller as compared to other commodities markets, as these phones are not yet popular. Obviously there is no compromise made on the price. This is because the thing which is not in common sale is obviously rated high.As a matter of fact the satellite phones are quite costly.

It is due to this main reason that the leasing and renting of these phones is more common as compared to the retail satellite phone sales. These phones depict such a high level and class of technology that is not easy to be afforded by anyone.

Various Platforms Selling Satellite Phones:

It is also possible to buy these phones or at least get them on lease by means of online search. There are different websites offering the satellite phone sales. However the number of these websites is not as much as it is in case of the sale of normal cell phones. The reason is same that these phones are not yet so popular to be commonly used or sold.

Prices of Satellite Phones:

Presently there are not more than three or four manufacturers of the satellite phones. This ultimately establishes the fact and also proves the sales rules of economics that when production of anything is less, its price is automatically high. For this reason the price range of the normal satellite phones lie in the range between eight hundred and three hundred dollars. The prices however do fluctuate depending upon the model of the satellite phones.

Coverage Range and Areas of Satellite Phones:

Basically for making a satellite phone, it is also important, although not necessary to have a satellite system. Otherwise partnership with a satellite system is important. The systems owned by these companies separately have their own coverage ranges and areas. There is an area of almost 98 % of the whole planet which is covered by one company. On the other hand the other company offers the coverage of the African continent.

Therefore it is advised to always go through the whole detail of facts and figure showing all the coverage details of various companies. This in turn will be helpful in selecting the best system with maximum coverage range.

Non Functioning Areas for Satellite Phones:

There are many countries in the world where the functioning of satellite phones is not possible. This is because there are coverage signals over there. These countries include North Korea, Poland and Hungary. On the other hand there are other countries as well which are embargoed and service of satellite signals is prohibited in these countries.

These are Cuba, Libya, Iran, Sudan, Angola and Yugoslavia. Therefore in these countries the sale and purchase activities of satellite phones is also prohibited and is not practiced. In addition to practicing other functions and features of the satellite phones, these devices can also be used for availing internet services.

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