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Posted on 21 October 2011

Hosting of virtual website is a first step toward online business expansion. A share server means that many different companies are hosting their sites through same server. It is basically a fit size for all kind of web hosting approaches with the companies having no control over changes in software. However, private server hosting plan are also available. Much flexibly is granted in this type of plan to a company.

Nature Of Hosting:

Hosting of a virtual website is comparable to the fast food menu cost. A hungry man can satisfy his hunger there, while saving few bucks for next meal. Similarly, for less than 10$ a site can be hosted offering standard fare items like statistic of the visiting site and email accounts. But, unlike fast food item, taste of hosting a website remains same. Contrary to this some twisting plans are offered by private server hosting.

Private Hosting:

Owner of private server can configure or reconfigure his website routinely. In contrast, in virtual sharing plan, a person has to follow many steps. Likewise a person can easily make changes regarding the operation and responses, without disturbing any other sites.

Linux is the most common among operating system for private plan. Contrary to virtual website hosting, private users can easily access to root accounts, which allow then to program compilation, start services and changing of directories and files. Of course, the rates of private hosting are very high.

Drawbacks Of Private Hosting:

In the past few years the cost of private hosting is increasing regularly. This may be due to increase in hardware cost. But companies, who are not getting all of the expected functionality like multiple user management and web hosting tools, are equally responsible. Especially e-commerce users, who need to manage many individual accounts for reselling of goods, have to face lots of difficulties in doing so. Therefore, a wise decision is required by a company owner before opting private plans.

Unmanaged Server Plans:

Hosting plans for virtual private servers fall under two categories of server application. They are managed server plans and unmanaged server plans. Unmanned server plan is less expensive as customer is solely responsible for his actions. A company must possess highly skilled staff, if it is choosing this type of private server.

The job of these experts is to manage any issue or problems that can effect communication or e-commerce. A root password is given to the administrator in undamaged server plan. Regular maintenance of security issues and software updates is required to make required adjustments.

Managed Server Plans:

Managed server plans are much more expensive because consistent upgrading and solution to problems is provided by web host. In this server plan, root password may be provided to the administration to access operating system. In some cases password is not provided.

Whatever the case may be, a company choosing this type of plan, get much more facilities, especially when the business is growing.  Control over domain name(s) is very important. Overall control is a very serious issue. For example half of America may wish a government to have much more control over citizenry and half of people may wish vice versa.


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