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Posted on 26 October 2011

A person can own his own website through personal webpage hosting. By doing little research a person can find domain name registrars plus companies that are usually eager to share web. It is quite difficult for an experienced person to locate a best company. But, fortunately, a list or reliable companies is provided by many sites. Special features and advertisement of each company are hosted by these sites. Another good method to find a best company is to take recommendations of relatives.

Need Of Website:

By having some needs and specifications, it is much easier to locate a best company. Speed and space of ecommerce site is not needed by personal website. Free space is usually offered by companies to its customers. For example, if family members are located far away, then they can maintain a website to keep in touch. Through this website it would be possible for a family to share Photographs, ceremonies schedules, family reunions, massages and trips dates with each other.

Domain Name Selection:

One drawback of such websites is that members will not have a domain name. Instead of this, network or the community name will be the initial words of a website. It is difficult to share and memorize long URL for everyone. However, by paying few dollars a person can registrar domain name. Choosing a domain name is also difficult as most of them are usually sold. However, host providers can help in finding a suitable domain name.

Speed And Space Issues:

Speed is the most important factor while choosing a provider. today, everyone wants to access a website quickly. Shared space is another important issue. A consumer must have an idea about the required space as service providers are usually not consistent in providing the space amount. It is recommended to choose a service provider having multiple tiers. This allows a person to easily upgrade his plans when required. But cost of this is bit higher.

Designing A Unique Website:

Choosing a website is a creative aspect f hosting a personal website. To create a very unique website, various templates are available. To create innovative site knowledge of HTML is not required.  The individual can easily add and remove the elements.

Once everything is done, single click is required to publish the website. Extra features like image gallery, blogging tools etc are also provided by some providers. One email address at least, should be included in monthly fee.

Benefits Of Personal Website Hosting:

It is recommended to select a fast website hosting providers. A site may be personal; still there are many opportunities to use it for selling services and products. For example, person having interest in glassware can host website to share all his information with others.

All visitors can also share their experienced on this website. Many articles are also provided by him as a source of information. If same user wrote book reviews, he can provide a link displaying book reviews. For doing so, affiliate programs are required.  A person can earn additional money on every click of a visitor on a link.


Website hosting provides usually provides their services at very inexpensive rates, Thus, allow person to maintain its own website. Whether it’s about staying in touch with family or sharing hobbies, minimum fees is requires by service providers, which allows everyone to keep in touch online.


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