Characteristics of the Internet Phone Service

Posted on 06 October 2011

Many different telecommunication companies are making possible the access of their customers to the internet phone service. As the name indicates, this service can be availed only on internet. The features and services provided by the internet phone service are quite remarkable and there is a lot of difference in their working as compared to the landline services and other traditional options.

Technology for Internet Services:

The technology responsible for making this service accessible to its customers is based on the telecommunication feature of VOIP. This abbreviation stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In other words it is necessary to have an internet connection installed in order to avail the internet phone service.

Provisions of DSL Connection for Internet:

There are many options of connecting to internet. Among these the best option is to connect through the DSL connection and using the cable connection. There is nothing requirement as changing the phone number.

Instead of using the separate line for calling and for internet connection, the provider can use both the services from the same connection. The charges are cheap and can be easily afforded.

Features of Internet Phone Service:

There are several feature and functions of the internet phone service. Among these the most prominent are the calling functions which include call barring, waiting, showing the caller ID and many others. The services are charged for online functions on the basis of time. Usually there are separate charges for the short distances.

Equipment Required for Installing Phone Service:

There are certain equipment required for installing net and availing the internet phone service. These include a regular telephone set, router and an adapter. However certain options are also available for those companies who want to get extra phones. Often leasing facilities are available on these extra purchases. There are also certain options which provide significant savings to companies. Sometimes discount options are also provided.

Faster connections are possible by using the advanced functions of the internet phone service. An additional facility is to get the discount of long distance calls and internet services. In addition to this the providers are also given an opportunity to search through ad find the best deals with discount options comparable to other services and systems.

Voicemail Option:

A very unique feature of online phone service is the voicemail application. It is a very unique and successful method to receive and send messages at very cheap rates. These messages can be entertained through different media like phone, emails and through online sources. Therefore managing these messages and options is not a big deal and these are very easy to transfer and receive. However using the internet phone service makes it easier to listen to these messages.

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