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Posted on 30 September 2011

Communication is very significant and interesting part of everybody`s life. As time has passed by, new and better means of communications have emerged. Individuals have collectively contributed in the upbringing of telecommunications sector. Today, phone calls can be made from over the internet. It is a very feasible solution to the large bill issue which people face today. Voice Over IP Phone is the technology that is being used.

Voice Over IP Phones for Usage

The Voice Over IP Phone technology is an ideal platform for people who wish to stay in contact throughout the day. Several private companies offer reasonable solutions to individuals who look forward to Voice Over IP Phones. Experts have come to the conclusion that traditional phone lines will soon be obsolete and as many as sixty-percent of the total phone calls in the world shall be made by using internet as the prime medium.

Internet Protocol Based Phones

Voice Over Internet Protocol Phone is a very handy device. It can manage all sorts of communication with strong connection. The traditional telephone strategy which included the Copper Wire manipulation is now discarded. Plain Old Telephone Service was used in the past which is now being quickly replaced by IP Phones.

Savings on Voice Over IP Phones

The customers are now saving as much as US$250 on their telephone billing. These fantastic results have attracted a lot of people to IP Phone technology. Large offices and households also require the IP Phone technology. A DSL service may easily replace the traditional Phone Lines which were laid in the past.

Requirements for an IP Based Phone

The requirements for the Voice Over IP Phone are simple. All that is required is a suitable Broad Band connection to connect the internet. Apart from this, charging accessories like an Adapter/Charger or additional cords may be required. Cordless and Wired Sets are available according to consumer needs.

Features of Internet Based Telephone

Internet Phones have many attractive features which are preferred by some companies. These features include the Voicemail, Call Forwarding and Call Waiting. Some additional charges may be taken on some services but consumer satisfaction is guaranteed in all capacities. The provision of internet is the main difficulty for some people.

Internet Service Through Providers

The service providers may give the internet service in two separate ways. One means would be to provide the internet through the computer by a cable and another service is by giving internet through a special Voice Over IP Phone.

Communication by a Personal Computer may be much cheap by using only an inexpensive headset.

Problems with Voice Over IP Phones

Voice Over IP Phones are reliable but they are not very durable. Customers often report about the un-clarity in sound and constant echoes over the internet based lines. Apart from this, some Voice Over IP Phones are not able to dial “911″ in emergency. This can be extremely troublesome for people caught in a specific situation.

911 Issue in Voice Over IP Phones

This issue has not been resolved by everybody except few service providers. In an average POTS Line, a call dispatcher immediately forwards the call to an emergency center and address is located. But this is not the case in IP Phones where address cannot be tracked down easily.

Many firms believe that such issues will be solved in the near future by research and improvements. IP Phones are very useful and communication by them is cheap. Different packages are available for people according to their needs. IP Phone technology can prove to be a breakthrough in communications criteria.

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