The 10 Best iPad Apps For Communication

Posted on 25 September 2011

When it comes to communication, Apple has produced some of the best communication apps in the market. If we specifically talk about iPad, there are hundreds of communication applications which are very popular among the iPad users. You can find these apps on iTunes store. Some of them are free versions and some can be downloaded after paying. Following is the list of Top 10 Communication apps for iPad.

1. Beejive IM

If you have a bunch of friends and you really want to keep in touch with them, but you are not feeling comfortable using different instant messengers, then this app is best communication tool for you. No matter what instant messenger your friends are using, you can chat with them all from this single app. You can use AIM, Yahoo IM, Jabber, Google, MSN/Windows Live, and Facebook at a time with Beejive IM.

2. LiveChat

To use this app, you have to subscribe to Livechat first to receive and send instant messages. You can communicate with you clients any time and even on the move with this handy communication app. So if you are really worried about communication issues in your business, you should try this one.

3. TextNOW

This app is very cool and exciting for those people who are addicted to texting. TextNOW gives you the freedom of sending and receiving unlimited number of Instant Messages and embedded photos, and these all features are totally free of cost.

4. TextPlus

For those people who really care about there mobile budget but are still fond of text messaging, may find this app really fascinating and handy. This app is a very handy iPad app and is praised by thousands of iPad users.

5. Flipboard

Manage your twitter and Facebook accounts with this single app. Flipboard receives and sends twitters and scraps in an organized way and manages the who communication history in a very efficient manner.

6. Twitter

Stay up to date with this powerful, official twitter app. You can manage you tweets and followers in very simple way.

At first you may find difficulty in using this app, but when you get used to it, it will then unleash its full functionality and you will eventually love it. And the best thing is that, it is totally free of cost.

7. Friendly

This third party app developed for iOS devices is very popular among the iPad users. You can do all the stuff related to Facebook using this exciting app. You can change status, write on others wall, browse pictures and even you can chat with this app, and chatting is the feature which doesn’t come with all the Facebook apps.

8. Bizzy

This communication app is best suitable for Social networking. You can use Yelp and twitter at the same time with this amazing app. It has a very nice and friendly interface. Whenever you feel like sending some news over twitter, you will have to simply sign in through Bizzy and eventually you will be able to spread the words. This app is free of cost and you can download it from iTunes.

9. IM+ Pro

This application is a must one in you iPad. You can say this is the best of the best communication tool. The reason for the fame of this app is that it is universal and you can use any IM messenger that you can ever think of. You can use even Skype to make calls. For all those people, who don’t like limitations, they must try this one.

10. AIM

AIM is a very handy app if all of your friends are using AIM. You can manage you contacts easily through this app. Sending and receiving messages is very easy through this app. The interface is very friendly and good looking.

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