Steps To Backup PSP Game Data To Computer

Posted on 27 September 2011

If you are a great lover of PSP games then surely you would be worried about your saved games data, that you might not like to  lose as in this case, you may have to progress in these games from the start. You can now save all your PSP games data to your computer hard drive. For this purpose, you will need the application “Sony Media Go”. Following is the step by step procedure to backup your saved games and characters of PSP to your computer. Follow these steps carefully and you will end up in a good backup of your PSP games.

Step By Step Procedure:

Here is the step by step procedure of transferring games from your PSP to your computer for backup PSP data:

1. Download and Install Sony Media Go:

The first thing you need to have for the backup process is “Sony Media Go”. Download this application from the internet. Once it is completely downloaded, run the Setup and follow the instructions to install this program in your computer.

2. Connect PSP to Computer:

Once you have installed the downloaded application, the next step is to connect your PSP with your computer via data cable which is already provided with the PSP. Make sure to connect it properly. The most important thing is to connect your PSP with the computer in USB mode. In order to do this, go to the setting options and then select the “USB connection in PSP” option.

3. Open Sony Media Go:

Now when you have properly connected the PSP to the computer, open the application Sony Media Go from the location where you previously installed it. When this application is launched, you will see your PSP device icon on the navigation bar, which is located on the left side of the screen. If your PSP is not listed there, then it must not be connected properly. Check the USB plug, if it is properly connected.

4. Select your Saved Data:

Now select your PSP device from the left navigation bar, and select save data option. You will see all the data that is being saved on your PSP.

5. Select Games To Backup:

Now select all the games that you want to backup in your computer.

If you want to select all games, then click and drag the mouse pointer on all the games to select or if you want to select random games, press Ctrl key and select the desired games.

6. Move Games To Saved Data:

Once you have selected the games to backup, drag them to the Saved Data directory, which is located in the library. The time taken to save the games data depends upon the amount of data that is being saved. The more the data will be, the more the time it will take.

7. Use Backup When Needed:

Now all your data is saved in the library and whenever you need it you can use it. For instance, if you lose your data from your PSP, simply connect your PSP to your computer, open Sony Media Go and drag the saved game data from the library to your PSP saved data.

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