Google Search

Posted on 08 September 2011

Google is a search engine on internet. It is used to search websites, images, emails, documents, files, translation, games, books etc. It is the largest search engine in the world. Most of the search engines are also linked with the Google search engine. If you are doing a spelling mistake in the bar of Google search then it will automatically correct that mistake. This search engine is capable of searching all types of URL data whether the data is simple or complex. Google will also make the URL as simple as possible.

Google Web

Google can search almost all legal and illegal websites available on the internet. You just have to write the name of the website, Google will show all possible results regarding that website name. This engine can show hundreds of results in just few seconds. That is why it is the largest search engine in the world of internet. The accurate percentage of websites that Google can hunt is not known because it is difficult to calculate. This engine can easily hunt the text present in any web page.

Google Images

Beside web search Google can search images and pictures. Google is capable of seeking out almost every image present in web pages. We can also search any image by providing a related picture to the Google. Image searching technology of Google was introduced in July 2001. This search engine provides us all related thumbnails of the putted word. We can view the full picture by opening the web page of that thumbnail. According to the recent research, this engine can show ten billion images.

Google Videos

Like images, Google can search almost all type of videos. It can search all free searchable videos. Google employees have recorded many educational videos and they have made these videos available for watching through Google videos.

The store of videos on this engine was launched in January 2009. In addition to its own videos, Google can search videos of other video search engines. This engine shows these videos online but you can also download them easily. You can also purchase special videos by using credit card.

Google Maps

Google shows the free satellite image of the whole world. Everyone can see the free of cost satellite image of any place by sitting in his home. Google map also displays the labels. This engine also gives street view of many famous places. You can visit such places even by sitting at your computer chair. You can see their beauty from all around as this search engine gives 360-degree view of such places. Google satellite image helps you to know the path. In this way you can easily go to your desired place even if you don’t know the way.


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