Static And Dynamic Internet Protocol

Posted on 17 August 2011

Internet Protocol address (IP address) is an exclusive identity of the user on the internet as it indicates ones location (i-e the longitude, latitude) in the cyber space. It is simply a tag dispensed to the cloud of devices sharing computer network that uses the unique IP address to connect to the internet. This internet protocol is separately assigned to each user. This is more like your internet address.

Static IP Address

Currently IP addresses are based on 32-bit addresses. There are about 4.2 trillion combinations because we have a mishmash of 4 sets of three integers (IP version 4) and now it is transferring to IP version 6 (i-e 32 bit address to 128 bit)  in forthcoming years.  This IP address is of great use in recognizing some one on World Wide Web. This is more like your telephone number. Both callers recognize each other through their specific phone numbers. This is similar here. When user visits the web site, it is recognized through its IP address. The computer of user actually seeks for website address. When it get that, the user will be directed to required server and ultimately to the correct page.

Dynamics IP Address

The rapid explosion of World Wide Web has also created some complexities and problems. With the increase of number of user, this static IP concept can’t full fill the need of assigning all users with separate IP address. In order to solve that, Dynamic IP address has been introduced.  It works in such a way that when a user started to use internet, it is assigned with some unique IP address from pool. But when user disconnects the internet.

This IP address will be send back to pool where it would be available to other user.


Now days, many offices and even people at home use the network. Most of them prefer dynamic IP address as compared to static IP address. This dynamic IP address allows better mobility.  However, the static IP address provides better security as compared to dynamic IP address. Since in dynamic IP address, network have to recognize each time.  So there is an occasionally chance of confusion from conflicting addresses. Still there are some advantages of dynamics IP address over static IP address. There are so many servers that are rarely used. So changing IP address may provide user with good server having no or negligible load.

The Importance of IP Addresses

IP addresses are assigned in order to recognize computer on internet. In addition to this, all information can be accessed that is transferred along the World Wide Web.  So the IP address must be kept hidden as a scanner program could help the hackers to locate the hosts name which can be fed to tools that could fish for the open ports (if the system is not firewalled) which can then become a route for getting in ones personal data and confidential files.


IP address is the ticket for bringing the concepts of Cybernetics to life. It helps to understand and define the functions of the systems that participate in circular fetters that move from server to client and again from client to server.

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