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Posted on 21 August 2011

Finding any geographical location on earth is not a difficult task anymore. Users of Google will now be amazed by using google aerial map. It is a free web based mapping technology. Through this users can locate street addresses, find businesses in urban areas etc free of cost. Google aerial map does not only locate destinations but also provides other information.

What else google aerial map can do?

Google maps can also provide their users with entertainment and attractions in general areas. Users can search any location in the world and can get full knowledge about it. If you want to know about parks of any particular area you can simply type park and the technology will provide you with a list. Further it will provide you with the image of the park and its directions. By looking at the map users can zoom the image to have a closer look of the image.

Driving and walking directions

Google aerial maps can help their customers in obtaining walking and driving directions. Users only need to enter where to go and what is their destination and it will provide you with driving directions. Moreover it will provide you with a map and with the estimated duration of travel. In addition to driving directions users can also obtain walking directions.

Moreover if any one finds out that google satellite maps are wrong about any location users can simply correct it. But if the problem is extensive the moderator will have to approve the change before it appears on the internet.

Standard viewing options

Google mapping applications offer six standard viewing options. Firstly is the map view which offers relevant look of the location demanded with its detailed images. Secondly google satellite map offers a high resolution, great quality images of the location. As the other options google aerial maps also offers the same capabilities of zooming and planning. Then there is terrain view which provides high relief rendering and an overlaying street image which increase understanding. 360 views of street level geography are offered by street view. Lastly it is the traffic view which shows traffic situation in certain areas.

Users can also view detailed images of urban areas in the United States and Canada. In addition to it also provides maps for populated areas Kuwait, Japan, France and many more. A problem that google aerial maps need to consider is that clear pictures of secured areas like military bases can threat its safety. To avoid this problem pictures of secured areas are blurred. In this way these areas are secured against potential terrorism.

How to run this program?

In order to utilize google satellite maps users need to run java script in their computers. In this program a standard grid is stored on which map works and is recalled when it is requested. Java application automatically updates the page whenever the user scrolls on it. Latest technology has made it possible that java can run successfully on mobile phones or hand held device. Options available for mobile users can be customized and even can be changed.

Moreover mobile phones even have a google based GPS based device which does not require a GPS receiver. User can contact google to get the exact location of the cellular phone. Firstly the program locates the position of the cellular phone and then the software location searches a database. The program then locates general locus near the tower that encloses caller’s cell phone with the help of estimated power of the transmitter.

After that according to the strength of the phone’s signal the locus is narrowed. In result google satellite maps and other related software find out the exact location of the cell phone. Ride Finder another application which works with GPS provider in the car. This application is available to all participating limousine and taxi companies of the major cities in United Estates.

Latest updates of the technology

By looking at the advancement of the technology behind google satellite maps its users will be amazed. Users can be provided by infrared imagery of mars and relief data of elevation through Google Mars. This software provides information gathered by two Mars mission; 2001 Mars Odyssey and Mars Global Surveyor. This work is done with NASA scientist at Arizona State University.

Google Moon also offers almost the same imagery. This combines mapping interface with the public domain footage of the Moon’s surface. But it does not offer as much features as in standard desktop application.

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