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Posted on 19 August 2011

Access to free cell phone ringtones is not a difficult job. There are number of sources from where you can get free ringtones. These ringtones add some personality in answering call. Ringtones can be separately assigned to different callers. These are available from popular songs to baby laughing. This attribute is very hip and this trend has been generalized by the advent of latest techno equipped cell phones which were absent in the old fashioned phones. Older cell phones didn’t provide such facilities. They just contained a few standard ringtones more like an electronic quaver.  Some of them were really annoying.

Basic Idea of Ringtones

The basic idea of creating ringtones was actually helping the people in recognizing there cell phones.  This leads to ringtones industry. This thing is now so much popular, that even a singer can estimate the popularity of his song from selling of song’s ringtone. The concept of phone personalization was bringing forward by one of the media company of Finland. This concept was so also much appreciated that time. There are so many sites that provide free ringtones but many others provide ringtones at some price. These ringtones are now available from old heavy metal song to classical songs and national anthems as well.

Role of Software’s

Now days, there are many software’s available, which help you to create ringtone of your own choice. These software’s have their own business in market which is also increasing dramatically, which are indirectly supporting mobile application development.  Now the cellular phone companies also provide facility to create ringtones.

The user can create the ringtone of his choice and type. But this facility of creating ringtones is only available on few cellular phones.

Drawback of Increasing Ringtones Concept

One of the main reasons of providing free ringtones on websites is to increase the traffic. If traffic is high on one site then web site would take more charges of advertisement. This concept gives boost to this business. But there is also a problem with the increase of this trend. Now there are so many malicious websites. These websites also provide free ringtones to download but they can even infect the user computer with virus. This could even end up with computer crash.

Ringtone’s Web Sites as Social Network

The fever of ringtones has overwhelmed almost every age group and people related to different era are taking part in this phenomenon and registering there favorite songs as ringtones. These free ringtones website are actually serving as social network.  Most of the websites allow user to upload your pictures and videos and allow them to share with other people. User can upload an audio file and will get a ringtone of that audio which he could also share with others as well. This concept of finding the ringtone and customizing it in your own style has added a creativity and sort of entertainment in person’s life.


Every one likes to have some different or special kind of ringtones in his cellular phone. Although, some websites cost some charges but most of them are free of cost. However, during this competition malicious websites also get involved in this business.  Now there are software as well which allows creating ringtones of your own choice. These ringtones website are also working as social network where people can upload other things like audio and video songs, wallpapers etc.

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