Yahoo Messenger And Its Key Features

Posted on 25 July 2011

Messenger is defined as the person or device which conveys messages from one point to another point.  This message can be in any form including verbal, written or electronic.  Now days, there are sundry electronic messengers which provide such services. Some of them are Yahoo, MSN and Google talk. Yahoo messenger has its own place among all of them.

Yahoo Instant Messenger

Yahoo messenger is easy to download and quite simple to install. Free chat has replaced the phone calls to a great extent. Now you can chat with your family, love ones and friends, while performing other tasks as well on your personal computer.  All messenger servers allow to chat with multiple friends at the same time and also provide with facility to check whether contacts are offline or online. Some people think that it sounds impersonal but actually there is a lot of fun and enjoyment in sending and receiving messages throughout your contact list.

Web Based Yahoo Messenger

Web based yahoo messenger is also a supplementary support to the clients. It allows the user to chat with their love ones directly from online page. This web based version further solves the problem of downloading and installing messenger. It is also free and the interface is similar to yahoo instant messenger. The user simply requires a unique ID.

This web based yahoo messenger is supported by majority of the browsers. Offline message scheme is also available. In this facility, if a friend is online at on time, he would be able to send messages to offline friends. Friends will receive messages when they will sign in. Many people have found web based yahoo messenger a better option to keep in touch with there loved ones as compared to yahoo instant messenger.

Key Features Of Yahoo Messenger

This software is available in many different languages such as English, Spanish, French, Dutch Italian and many more. So anyone can chat with people living all over the world. It helps in crossing the language barrier between peoples, as they came under same platform using same program. Another hallmark of messenger is that the user can block the unwanted intruders. Now the first user will not be notified on coming online of 2nd (blocked) user. Messaging features such as smiley faces, changing font color and size are also available in yahoo messenger.


Yahoo messenger is popular among people of all ages.  In this digital era, it plays very important role as it helps children to develop basic computing skills such as typing.  Yahoo messenger is very popular among the tourists because with its help they can remain connected with peoples irrespective of there location. The release of web based version has also incremented the yahoo messenger popularity as it is based on World Wide Web so this is available to all.

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One Response to “Yahoo Messenger And Its Key Features”

  1. Tania says:

    Can say I really have used Yahoo messenger as I tend to use Skype but might check it always handy to have a messenger when you want to chat with a different group of people.


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