The Best Cell Phones of 2011

Posted on 24 July 2011

Mobile Phone technology has rapidly evolved in the last decade. Since the introduction of pagers and simple fax smile, a lot of changes have been recorded. Mobile Phones do not only help us connect but make lives easy for us.

Cell Phones That Amaze – A Human Touch

Have a look at some of the most brilliant and fantastic mobile phones of the year 2011 and the Mobile World Conference held in Barcelona, Spain. The conference is one of its kinds and features the latest advancements of the cellular technology on the planet.

1. Sony Xperia – Gaming For Life

The Sony Xperia Play may just seem like the PlayStation Portable at first sight. It is an extremely compact yet classy tool to play games just about anywhere and anytime. This device will be available in the summers of 2011 and is an Android phone as well which supports excellent gaming features.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 – Cosmic Havoc

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a giant of its kind. This extremely sophisticated device is powered by Google’s Android Operation System 3.0 and is available in 16GB and 32 GB version. The device features two webcams and a Dual Core processor which makes processing extremely fast and easy. This device will surely faze you.

3. Bring the Salsa – HTC

HTC Salsa is one of the latest developments of this emerging brand. The World Mobile Conference featured the HTC Salsa. It is a touch screen Android Cell Phone with a dedicated Facebook key. The Cell Phone has received positive reviews and is recording a growth in its sales.

4. The Optimus Prime – LG Gone 3D

The LG Optimus 3D is one Cell Phone that has literally shocked the world with its bizarre and excellent features. The Cell Phone will run on the Android Operating System 2.2. It is capable of capturing videos in a 3D format and they can be directly uploading onto YouTube and other services. This touch screen monster is amazing.

5. HTC ChaCha – Facebook Crazy!

The twin brother of HTC Salsa is this amazing device. The HTC ChaCha is a brilliant Cell Phone which also comes with a dedicated Facebook button. This Cell Phone is brilliant for working and online chatting. The keyboard like keypad ensures quick typing.

6. Samsung Galaxy S II – The Monster

The Samsung Galaxy S II is a marvelous piece of technology. This Cell Phone is brilliantly designed keeping in mind the fast paced life style.

It is equipped with a dual core processor and runs of Android 3.2 Ginerbread. The Phone has multiple Web Camera`s and a 4.3 Inch high resolution screen which makes the experience memorable.

7. Sony Ericsson Live View – The Ultimate Watch

Sony Ericsson has introduced a revolution in the market. This Live View watch syncs with any available Cell Phone. The only exception is it must be android. It does not give you the hustle of carrying your cell phone everywhere because everything is on the tip of a finger.

8. Umeox Apollo – Solar Powered Android

Umeox Apollo is the very first Solar Powered Cell Phone. It runs of the Google Android Phone Technology and features fairly decent specifications. The tool is extremely handy and attractive with an affordable price tag.

9. Motorola Xoom – The Amazing Device

Motorola Xoom is a very powerful tool which is to be launched in the United States this summer. This 9 inched giant features a lot of powerful instrument but carries a hefty price tag. The touch screen Cell Phone is more like a mini super computer with everything one needs. It runs on the Google Android 3.3 Operating System.

10. HP Touchpad Tablet – The Ultimate Tool

This Web Operating System Hp Tablet is a 9.2 Android Cell Phone. It is excellent for executive and corporative purposes. It features a 1.2 Dual Core Processor to run the system and 1.3 MP cameras. The instrument also features Wi-Fi and web camera services as well as 512 MB of RAM. It is available in 16 GB or 32 GB editions.

These are some of the latest and most brilliant Cell Phones of the year 2011 which are expected to bring a breakthrough.

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