Some Facts About Web Conferencing

Posted on 23 July 2011

Strong communication is highly important to run big companies effectively. For this purpose, many companies are using web conferencing services. There are some factors that need to be discussed.

How it works?

When you are in an online conference, you can do video chat. This is off course, a formal interaction, not one that you usually do with friends or relatives. People sitting in one corner of the world can easily see and talk to others sitting far away. Different offices stay in touch with one another via web conference. After signing in, you make call and invite all people that are going to be a part of conference. Then it is a mutual call.

Where it is used?

Business, schools and other educational institutes smartly use it to communicate, perform online tutoring and studying. Lectures are given, assessments are carried out. You can edit or type a document or surf internet together with your online partner.


Two main types are:

1. Web based conferencing

2. Network video conferencing

Internet is used as primary means of web based meetings or educational sessions. It requires using internet browser and high speed broadband connection. It transfers video from one PC to another.

In Network conferencing, two people at both the sides get access via a network, which is shared. It is on T1 or any other digital line.

Paid software

Many conferencing tools are free but others are paid. These are specially used for business purposes. It is better to buy such software because it offers more features than those which are free of cost. When choosing web based video conferencing, consider the purpose it will be used for. For tutors, these softwares are designed to assist for giving lectures and meeting up to the requirements of a class room. Others enable connecting multiple partners together. These are perfect for business meetings, seminars and forums etc.

Price starts from $30, which is paid on monthly basis. It can also be bought by paying one-time fee that can be a few thousand dollars. In later case, no monthly payment is required. There are some sellers let you get pay-per-use offer. This means you have to pay money every time you use it. This facility is more feasible for those companies sparingly hold online conferences, such as one or two per year.

Important considerations

Don’t forget to watch demo video before buying any software. It can be frustrating afterwards, if the product does not meet your specific requirements. Those who have paid one-time fee are in great loss. It is not confirmed whether it is refundable or will be replaced by another more suitable one. So, sensible decision before you buy.


Does your computer support the application you are going to install and use? Operating system and browser can greatly affect installation and functioning of the conferencing software. Select the right product according to windows you have in computer. Use only that browser which is supported. Get the best camera available to make video easily visible to partners sitting on the other end.

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