Motorola Vs. Apple: Battle is On!

Posted on 03 July 2011

As soon as new technology is introduced in the smart phones, sales war starts among the competitive companies. Now is the time for online sellout for Motorola’s Droid X. Although the companies do not reveal their actual sales data, the Droid X seems to be sold out in advance on internet sales and soon it will be short.

Droid’s Sale

Droid X and iPhone

According to research, the Verizon version of Google’s smart phone is doing great sale and in short supply at Verizon stores. Soon it is will be the same with retailers. So everyone wants change, other than Apple’s I-phone, whose sale is now reduced due to its reception difficulty. Verizon also promoted the Droid a lot, which is offered by other carriers too. Droid has not very quick sale now and it is unfamiliar to many but it is said to the potential to catch the sales of Apple’s iPhone.

Droid’s Advantage

The droid promoters say that apple is only at the top for its sales not for its usability. According to them Droid is more user friendly than Apple in many applications. In Droid the users are being able to create their own applications without having to submit them to Apple. It has multiple carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile.

The new Droid phone will be available in market on July 27th. Those who will sign up for a new smart phone from July 21 to Aug. 3 they will be eligible get a $25 gift card for use at American Eagle.

Apple’s Sale

On the other hand the CEO of Apple iPhone (Steve Jobs) has announced free protective cases to its unsatisfied buyers. These cases prevent reception problems that occur when people cover a certain spot on the phone with a bare hand. He agrees not to be perfect in making iPhones. With this offer more than 3 previous buyers of an iPhone 4 can go to Apple’s website and sign up for a free case. The actual cost of this case is $29, but it is offered free and buyers can chose from several case styles. Furthermore the people who already bought a case will get refund.

Apple’s Drawback

Normal phones have an antenna inside the body.  But Apple took a chance in designing the new iPhone 4. It uses parts of the phone’s outer casing as the antenna. This makes body more compact and saved space. But the body has a covering spot on the lower left edge that blocked the wireless signal. Because of this problem Apple does not the consumer standards and is required to compensate the buyers. The problem can be fixed if the spot is covered with a case or a of duct tape.


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