NookColor: eReader Game Changer

Posted on 01 June 2011

Nook eReader from Barnes and Noble is considered to be the only competitor for Amazon Kindle DX and Amazon Kindle 3rd generation readers in the market. Without wasting time, the company has launched the 2nd generation Nook eReader named NookColor. These eReader are based on different approach and are a big step ahead.

When we compare the previous model of Nook and different models of Kindle with the latest NookColor we observe that the screen is big 7 inches and fully touch sensitive. The software is also improved and upgraded to Google Android Os 2.1 éclair. Although you cannot install ordinary Android application still some applications which are provided by Barnes and Noble are supported. Honestly that doesn’t make much difference because it is only a dedicated media reading device.

Reading Materials

As it is clear from the name that the eReader is related to reading which means that library is essential. Barnes and Noble have provided us almost 2 million reading different reading materials which cost $ 9.99 at maximum. They have also provided us ease of selection. We can read the books for some time before making our choice and purchasing the material. You can also subscribe magazines. A trail period of 14 days is provided for any magazine you like. This a great feature because now can check whether the book or magazine is suitable for you or not. The company has also promised his customers that they will provide downloadable Enhanced Nookbooks including illustrations.

What’s It Good For?

Although the main feature of eReaders is reading stuff still it provides its users entertainment like surfing on internet, get connected online through social networks, listening to your favorite music and playing many games. NookColor is closer to IPad and many tablets to some extend but the eReader is not a replacement of your notebook. You also have to carry a notebook along with any eReader device.

We easily understand the difference between models and devices by considering few stats such as:


The screen size of 1st Gen Nook, iPad, 3rd Gen Kindle and Nook Color are 6” diagonal, 9.7” diagonal, 6” diagonal and 7” diagonal whereas Touch screen size of 1st Gen Nook, iPad and Nook Color are 3.5” color, 9.7” diagonal, and 7” diagonal correspondingly.

If we compare the screens of 3rd generation Kindles and previous model of Nook with NookColor then we will find a huge difference. The screen size is increased to 7 inches and the display is fully touch sensitive. The screen resolution is also too good. The only drawback is the reduced battery time which can be attributed to the size and display quality.


The weight of these devices 1st Gen Nook, iPad, 3rd Gen Kindle and Nook Color are 11.6 ounces Wi-Fi, 12.1 ounces 3G, 1.5 pounds Wi-Fi, 1.6 pounds 3G, 8.5 ounces Wi-Fi, 8.7 ounces 3G and 15.8 ounces respectively.

Battery Life

Battery life of 1st Gen Nook is 10 days wireless off,iPad continues working till 10 hours on wi-fi and 9 hours on 3G, 3rd Gen Kindle works for 1 month wireless off and 3 weeks wi-fi and 1 week 3G whereas Nook Color has battery life of 8 hours wireless off.


The storage comparison of above mentioned devices is:

1st Gen Nook has storage of 2GB Internal; microSD while iPad has 16GB, 32GB, 64GB memory and 3rd Gen Kindle has 4GB Internal and on other hand Nook Color has 8GB Internal; microSD data capacity.


The device is a complete hit and is much more than just an ordinary eReader. I think sparing $ 249 would not be a bad option for such an excellent device.

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