Top 3 Security Apps For Android

Posted on 03 May 2011

Android is open-source software for mobile devices. It consists of an operating system backed by Google, and many hardware and software developers like Samsung, Motorola, Intel, etc. In 2008, Android operating system for smartphones was released.

Security Is Essential For Android Smartphone Users

For consumers who use Android Smartphone, security is very important. It is very dangerous to have your personal information or other secret data in the hands of other people. Thus protection of such smartphones is very essential.


Following we suggest the three best security applications for your Android Smartphone. Not only will these applications protect your personal information and other data but also will track your Android Smartphone when you lose it. These softwares are: Protector, WaveSecure and Lookout.

Protector – Give Password To Protect Your Android

Protector is somewhat different from the other two applications. It usually requires you to give a password to protect your existing data on your Android Smartphone. This software can protect current data of different applications on your phone, for instance, notepad, gmail, photos, SMS inbox, chat, setting, calendar, email, and many other applications.

Most users have found useful this security application.

WaveSecure – Track Your Android And Delete All The Data

The best feature of WaveSecure application is that you can track your smartphone and then can delete your data when you just loss it. When you loss your smartphone, you can lock and make it useless or even track down it by an online interface. This software enables your smartphone to make an unpleasant loud alarm and can display a message, too.

Through an online system, it can also store your personal information and other important data. Fortunately, WaveSecure can allow you to delete all your data you stored on smartphone through a remotely online interface.

Lookout – Easily Track Your Android When You Loss It

Lookout is resembles to WaveSecure. It is a security application that has many characteristics, such as antivirus, intrusion prevention and firewall. It does not need a large memory and it can also make your smartphone lag. Whenever you loss or someone steals your Android, Lookout can track it easily. For tracking your Android, you will have to access an online interface available on any computer. Here you will click on “locate button” and then track down your Android. Besides this unique feature, Lookout application also provides backup services. That is, you can backup your personal data such as pictures, emails, messages, personal videos and even your contacts information.


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