Top 10 Dangerously Addictive Games

Posted on 14 May 2011

Most of the people consider their daily life a boring routine. The typical job problems, looking after kids, the usual school systems are the factors behind the motivation for getting pleasure in other places. Different people find satisfaction in different activities like some of them get into a relationship with the opposite gender to add spunk in their boring life. Many individuals are found to be indulged in drugs or booze. Spray-painting on the walls and shop lifting are also some of the interesting options for some people for having fun. However, most of the people find comfort in games than any other activity. Some of the most popular games are discussed below.

1. Chess:

Do you fell laughing when someone informs you that he/she is a Chess Club member? Well, there is nothing funny because this is the game that makes most of the people addicted to it and it is not at all a bad thing to be a fan of Chess. This game is among all those games that help in improving your mental health.

2. Pogs:

Pogs are basically small discs that are made of cardboard that are stacked an inch high during the game and are then smashed with a Pog with a comparatively larger size.

During Easter in early 90’s, Pogs were the theme for the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House.

3. Beer Pong:

This game is a popular game among the college students. Ping Pong ball is the basic ingredient of this game. Your ability to maintain athletic skill even after consuming a large amount of alcohol is tested by Beer pong. A large number of supporters are present at the game table during the game. Relations are made as well as broken due to just a single Ping Pong ball.

4. Texas Hold ‘Em

It is most likely for you to be familiar with the game of poker if your age is between 11 and 110. This is the game that has been extremely famous among people from along time and the odds are that you must have played once in your life. If you have participated in any poker game in United States during the past fifteen years, it is expected that you would have played Texas hold ‘em at least once until now. The inventor of this game is not known, but it started in 1900’s and was first played in Texas. Betting is the major feature of Texas hold ‘em. This is the best game for people who play cards and enjoy high-risk games.

5. Curling:

This game was not much famous and played in the past, but it has gained popularity in during the last decade. The appearance and the outlook of this game is nothing close to normal. We can call it an absurd game. It is obligatory for the player participating to wear half-sticky-half-slick shoes to join on an ice rink. They have to push with full force, the large metallic discs that are supposed to be moved towards a bull’s eye that is painted at a long distance from the starting point.


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