Sharp Galapagos tablet Review

Posted on 06 May 2011

Though internationally Sharp is not considered a huge firm, but still it is a well known and appreciated name by the customers in Japan. Japan is also the originator of Sharp. The company was found in 1912. Its head office is in Osaka. Sharp has quite recently launched two new products. These are the more sophisticated eBook readers from the Galapagos series.

These two new models have 5.5 inches and 10.8 inches screens. The one with small screen is more like a shape of mobile; so it is known as ‘mobile type. The bigger one is renowned as ‘home type’ reader tablet.

Sharp Seems a Serious Competitor

Though sharp has taken a long time in introducing these two new products, but this has established the fact that now sharp has seriously planned to enter the market for the business of e-book and tablet. Hence, it is also a competitor to other big market players of eBook reader and tablet products. The company has lunched Galapagos in Tokyo. In fact Galapagos has a formidable image for Sharp’s cloud-based e-book product as well as the two novel Android equipments.

Brief Description of Smaller One

As already described that smaller is known as ‘mobile type’ is with 5.5 inches LCD monitor. The screen resolution is 1024×600 pixels. It will enhance the effectiveness of displaying even for the paperback books. The available colors for this device are black and red. It is also available with trackball option to turn around the pages.

The Bigger One

The bigger one which is known as ‘home type’ is with 10.8 inches LCD monitor. It also has a high screen resolution (better than the smaller one) of 1366×800 pixels. It will change eReading into a very pleasant occurrence. Even those books that cannot be clearly read with naked eye or glasses will be a pleasure to read with Galapagos tablet.

Both of the tablets readers are Wi-Fi enabled. Sharp has also pronounced that websites will be shown on these tablets like the way these are displayed on desktop with high resolution LCD monitors.

Connection with Media

Both of these tablets were supported with the Sharp Ebookstore service. Through this you will have an access to over 30000 books, magazines and newspapers. In fact, this number will increase with the passage of time. In this regard, Sharp also states about another concept of ‘Automatic Scheduled Delivery Service’. This will mechanically connect media to your tablet for subscription purpose. Hence, factually in the morning, you will be able to go through various new papers on your tablet. Sharp also comments that through a social network application, you will able to share notes and other things with your friends

Specs and Price

So far the complete specifications and prices of these two products have not been announced by Sharp. Even, which operating system will they use is not clear. However, the people who are looking for eReader, these products seem to be very useful with lot of features.


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