List of Cheat Codes for Sony PSP

Posted on 30 May 2011

Ever wondered who made these cheat codes and why are they easily available on internet? Most of gamers think that these cheat codes are cracked by some hackers, because developers do not want to ruin the fun and curiosity of their customers by releasing their cheat codes. The news you are about to learn will be shocking for most of you. It is known from research that the developers of the games make these cheat codes on purpose and then they themselves release them online. Any rationale person will question that why will a programmer do such silly thing?

If you look upon it with marketing perspective, you will see that there is no stupidity in this act, because it is evident that there are only few serious gamers who love to finish the game on their own, majority of them are just curious about what will the ending look like, so if they can not complete a game on their own they will use cheat codes to finish it. This is the reason why developers create these cheat codes and release them online so that they can also attract the target market who is only interested in the ending of the game.

Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP):

Sony Playstation Portable, which is commonly known as PSP is one of the best gaming consoles in the world, and it is rapidly gaining popularity points because of its smaller size and portability. By keeping in mind the popularity of this console, there are few important cheat codes listed below. You can use them to enhance your gaming experience and jump to the ending without getting frustrated on some level or etc.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Cheats for Sony PSP

Cheat Effect: Destroy All Cars
When: During game

Cheat Effect: Fast Car
When: During game

Cheat Effect: Faster Car
When: During game

Cheat Effect: Even Faster Car
When: During game

Ben 10: Alien Force Vilgax Attack Cheats for Sony PSP

Cheat Effect: Full Upgrades
When: cheat menu
How: Enter herotime

Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing Cheats for Sony PSP

Cheat Effect: unlock Blastous
When: during game
How: Finish Challenge Turbo stage

Dead or Alive Paradise Cheats for Sony PSP

Cheat Effect: Unlock: Beach Flag
When: During the Game
How: Accumulate a total of 50 unlocked “Venus Clips” throughout the game with any girls

Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce 2 Cheats for Sony PSP

Cheat Effect: Unlock: Mu Wang
When: During the Game
How: Complete all of the Fairy’s missions on normal

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 Cheats for Sony PSP

Cheat Effect: unlock Asuma
When: during game
How: Beat stage 6 in Hidan & Kakuzu act 1

Rocket Racing Cheats for Sony PSP

Cheat Effect: Unlock: Stick Mode (Default Controls)
When: either at the title screen or in game

Valkyria Chronicles 2 Cheats for Sony PSP

Cheat Effect: 7th Platoons Idol Sticker
When: extra mode


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2 Responses to “List of Cheat Codes for Sony PSP”

  1. Y8 says:

    I don’t use much this cheat codes personally because I believe that the fun and trill of the game is not worth it if you cheat the game…

  2. Y8 says:

    Thanks for the code I’m looking forward to see some other GTA codes to make me invincible in the game…LOL…


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