Jailbreak – Unlocking Apple iOS devices

Posted on 11 May 2011

Do you need unlocking your iPads, iPhones and iOS devices for installation and use of applications?

This can be done now with a technique called “jailbreaking” on the website “jailbreakme.com” by following easy steps listed below:

Jailbreaking? What is it?

Jailbreaking is a process of getting into file system of your iPhone, iPad or any iOS device to make changes inside operating system of device.

It looks amazing that you can install more applications in your device and enjoy the stuff in your own way. Isn’t that???

Now what you have to do is exactly follow steps below. This method will work for iOS 3.2.1 version iPads, iPhones and iPhone 4 also.

Procedure Of Jailbreak:

  • Navigate to website  “www.jailbreakme.com” on your iPad, iPhone or iPhone4 device
  • Slide the unlock button on main page to unlock the device.


The Jailbreaking Laws:

You will need to plug in the iOS device which you want to JailBreak. The process seems to be quite simple and easy and no doubt it is.

Federal Regulations of USA have made hackers bold by declaring that jailbreaking is legal. However, no news from Apple came out till now about JailBreaking.

The Decoder:

The game is not over yet, since JailBreaking held legal and anyone can unlock his device by the method easily. But it doesn’t mean that Apple is supporting this thing in its warranties or anywhere around. JailBreaking requires a PDF document named “PDF exploit” which is decoded in Mobile Safari inside iOS device. As the safari has a capability to open PDF by default so the jailbreak code is executed automatically.

Let’s just assume that apple fix this security flaw in his next iOS update then what will happen?

Obviously, this varies from person to person using iOS devices and there is always a chance for hackers to find some new way out. Also, the JailBreaking is not 100% safe as it’s not supported by Vendor at all. Many people have unlocked their iPad with this same technique and using their devices without a single problem at all, while many others reported issues of hanging devices and Wi-Fi problems.

My friend’s iPhone have been caught into problem of Wi-Fi after JailBreaking as Wi-Fi connection doesn’t shows up sometimes. So, it is always recommended to have a backup before trying JailBreak like methods and always be warned about that you are trying yourself to kill you iOS device with your own hands.


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