How to install Cydia Games on iPad?

Posted on 27 May 2011

Having difficulty while installing applications on your iPad? Cydia is what you need. It’s an additional software to install applications on your iPad. Cydia is basically installed on the jailbroken iPad which allows the iOS to introduce more applications introduced by the third parties. People who don’t have Cydia on their iPads must download it free of cost from the internet and just simply install it and then a whole new world in iPad will be created with lots of new and exciting fun stuff and other applications including games also.

Apple has produced some of the best games ever introduced by any cell phone manufacturers. There are thousands of applications which are available on Apple Store. Some of the games are free of cost so that you can simply download them without any sweats and some of the games are in the paid games category.

Cydia to Install Games on iPad:

Cydia is applications software that allows you to install different applications, games and other, on your iPad. Cydia applications and games come at very low price rate, free games are also available. Cydia market is still growing very fast and this jailbroken app is a great attraction for thousands of iPad users.

Following are the 5 steps to install on your iPad. All you have to do is to keenly follow these steps and you can have all your favourite games in your iPad.

Step 1:

Launch the Cydia software on your iPad by taping on the Cydia Icon. At the first time Cydia will take some time while maintain and refresh the log of available application in your iPad.

Step 2:

After the Cydia is launched, tap the button with the label “Sections” which is shown on the screen.

A menu will be displayed having all the list of sections or categories available in your iPad.

Step 3:

Select Games from categories. Now you can see list of available games, some of the games in the list are free of cost and some are the paid versions. The paid version is always an advantage as you will get rid of the teasing ads from your downloaded game.

Step 4:

Now choose any game that you like and Tap it to install it in your iPad. An overview page will be displayed along with the game information and screen shots. If the game is free “Install” button will be displayed on upper right corner of the screen and if game is paid then “Purchase” button will be displayed on the screen. Follow the steps to purchase selected game. After doing this the game will be automatically installed, on your iPad’s home screen.

Step 5:

Now when the game is successfully installed in your iPad, just Tap the Home button shown on the screen. This will exit the Cydia app and afterwards locate the game in the downloaded destination on your iPad, and enjoy this game in your boring moments.

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