Gateway Intro Two New All In Ones From ZX One Series

Posted on 04 May 2011

Gateway Incorporated is a supplementary company of Acer. It is actually a computer hardware firm. Its head office is situated in Irvine, California. It manufactures a large number of personal computers, monitors, servers and computer accessories. It was established as a renowned brand in 1991 when they initiated to use boxes marked with cow to ship its products. The company grew tremendously and was included in fortune 500 list in 2005. However, in 2006 the company was at number 508; means not in Fortune 500.


Gateway is not a Top Brand

It is true that Gateway has not achieved the status of top market brands for personal computers. However, its sweet insignia showing cow and being an Acer supplementaary company has given it the status of an appealing player in the IT market. Hence, if you aspire to find a product that has suave look; which is lively and glossy.

With such type of computer, you also tend to forget Apple. To have a more clear idea, check about Gateway products on internet.

Launching of two all-in-one Models

Recently, Gateway has introduced two new models with all-in-one functions in the ZX series. These are known as the Gateway ZX4951 and Gateway ZX6951. Both of these models are with a complete HD (High Density) touch screen, 4 GB of RAM, an Intel i3 Core processor, 500 Giga bytes hard disk and BD (Blu ray disc drive). The ZX4951 is with 21.5 inches monitor and ZX6951 is with 23 inches screen and it also has a TV tuner.

Costs of Two Models

The OS (Operating System) of both these models is Windows 7. These models comprise of the Gateway Touch Tools. This is the novel Gateway application for the purpose of internet browsing, media playing and certain other functions. The prices of these models are US$ 899 for ZX4951 and US$999 for ZX6951. With these models, you will also obtain a high definition 5.1 audio channel. It is Wi-Fi enabled with webcam incorporated into it.

Affiliation with Acer

Though the Gateway brand is not well known, its association with Acer somewhat enhances its credibility. Besides that the design of these specific two models is very attractive; that is with the large gleaming button for power in the center of machine.


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