Future Of In-Car Cloud Computing

Posted on 26 May 2011

Ford jump had initiated the development of apps for the SYNC system of the company. They created a 12 -week course for the students from the University of Michigan called cloud computing in the commute. Recently student teams have submitted their apps before the judges from ford, U of M and Microsoft. The winner on the whole is Caravan Track, which has supported in maintaining jointly a group of cars on a road tour. Other apps have offered crowd-sourced information on points of interests and road conditions and facilitated real-time fuel-economy tracking and ride sharing. Students have carried out research and create applications which are based on the entry to ford’s developmental platform. These applications are built on widows 7 and Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio. Below is given the information about the functioning of the different apps:

Information About And Connection With Group Of Vehicles:

Caravan track has been announced as the winning app. Because of the software, group of vehicles during the same visit can connect each other along their journey. With the help of recognition on the main website, users can come to see their fellow travelers. They can also observe vehicle telemetry which includes track each vehicle, map routes, fuel level and speed, intimation about the alerts along the way and can also provide about conditions of the road and other perils which they may experience along their way.

Acknowledgment About The Experience Of Past Drivers:

Fuel Tracker gives acknowledgment about the understanding of the past drivers on that specific road and provides real-time feedback to the drivers.

Users of these apps put in the results about different segments of the road and by doing this thing they allow the drivers to make an assessment about the details and competition of top fuel economy. Suggestions concerning how the drivers can improve mileage along the specific routes are also given by these users.

Connection With Passengers:

Due to the joint ride-sharing system provided by the GreenRide Challenge drivers can now connect themselves to the capable carpool passengers. This has the purpose of reducing green house gas emissions. This application is linked through Facebook in order to match friends who want to ride through destinations included by the driver. The driver can also ask his friends for a ride.

Audio Evaluations:

In car audio evaluations are provided by Listen. Speak. Rate. Share. It allows the drivers to share their experience and thoughts about the locations they visited by connecting through various popular social media websites.

Awareness About Traffic And Road Conditions:

NostraMap gives the drivers earlier awareness about the road and traffic conditions, construction, accidents and the other hazards on their way.

Command About Locations And Businesses:

By using its active recommendation system, Points-of-Interest provides command to the drivers about the locations and businesses that match their tastes.

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