Complete List of iPhone Business Applications

Posted on 16 May 2011

The iPhone platform has a lot of new applications available now. Below are different applications given, which are representing different categories like, Tools, Social, Entertainment, Travel, etc. This list will surely help you to find out the best iPhone applications.

1. Accept Credit Cards

This is one of the most amazing applications. This application is also known as a virtual credit card processing application which allows business people to perform credit card transactions using mobile phones.

2. BizExpense

This application gives you a track of your business expenses. It also facilitates you to store all of your business records on a mail server.


This application works like an online file sharing server. Not only this, it also allows you to view all of your Office documents and spreadsheets. It also allows you to upload various documents.

4. Bump

This application facilitates you to share different photos and contact information with your friends.

5. Documents

Using this application you can edit and manage your word and excel documents and can also work on them by connecting with your PC.

6. DocViewer

This is a Word and Excel file reader and you can easily access to your important word and excel files using an FTP server.

7. Evernote

This application allows you to take your notes in your mobile phone. You can also store and manage your files and can store and share images as well.

8. eWallet – Secure Password Manager

eWallet allows you store all of your personal information in it and then make it password protected. You can protect all of your personal information by password.

9. Facebook for iPhone

You can easily log on to your Facebook account and can easily access to your connections by using this application.

10. FedEx Mobile

This application gives you a very easy approach to your shipment and to track your shipment till your shipment being delivered to its destination.

11. Fuze Meeting

It provides you the environment of your office and gives you the opportunity to chat with you co-workers and attend meetings via web conferences.

12. Google Sync

You can easily synchronize your Pc with your mobile.

It also allows you to connect with Google server and manage and edit your Google account.

13. Gmail for mobile

Using this application, you can easily manage your Gmail accounts and stay connected with your connections.

14. iFax

It works as a Document Scanner. Take photos and, crop and adjust brightness, sharpness etc. and fax them on any other device.

15. iXpenseIt Lite

This application works like your budget manager. It also predicts the future expenses but connecting you with online stores.

16. Jott l

Using Jott I, you can send various texts and emails to your contacts and manage your accounts as well.

17. LinkedIn

This application allows you to connect to your network and manage your daily tasks.

18. PDF Reader Pro

It provides to the facility to upload, download and view your PDF files.

19. Roambi Visualizer

This application allows you to share your business information with your other connections and manage your business routines.

20. Salesforce Mobile

This mobile application provides an easy access to your documents. It provides you the interaction with your office.

21. Skype

In instant messages applications, the audio portion of the application Skype, this is undoubtedly his greatest advantage.

22. SugarSync

The synchronization with your PC is very easy now. You can view your files, documents, photos and videos and can easily manage them.

23. Timewerks- Mobile Billing

This application allows all the consultants and contractors to keep a record of time, materials and send invoices to their fellow partners.

24. Things

Now you have a handy approach for managing your to-do, notes and projects. It also provides access to any wireless connection.

25. TwitterFon

This application gives you a very smart and handy twitter client to stay connected with your connections.

26. WhitePages for iPhone

It is an application which connects you with different peoples and identifies different callers. You can easily interact with all of your contacts by using this application.

27. Yammer

You can easily access to all the working processes of your company and organizations by using this application. If you to compare different processes.

28. iTie

This application helps you to put a tie in a very decent and proper way in your dressing.

29. Career Builder

Here is a job finder for you. You have to upload your CV into it and it will find all the related jobs for you.

30. WordPress

This application helps in managing your blogs and make uploading’s on them in a very comprehensive and easy way.

31. IM+Lite

This application provides you an interface for chatting with your friends and allows you the instant messaging facility.

32. Beam ME

This application allows you to send your business cards to other contacts in a very easy way.

33. Fring

This is a mobile internet service, which allows you to interact with other Fring users. You can easily chat, talk and share files using this internet service.

34. Loopt

It is a friend finder application, which finds your friend by catching their network signals and allows you to maintain a network relation with them.

35. BudgetBuster

This application manages your budget and keeps a track of your finance. It also allows you to manage your expenses and keep a track of them.

36. iBillTo

You can track your finance and expenses. It also allows you manage your billing details.

37. Currency

It is a currency converter having a facility to convert currency of 160+ different countries. It stores all the currencies with country name and flag with currency name.

38. iXpenseIt

This application manages and tracks your expenses and allows you to manage your expenses according to your needs.

39. Portfolio Live

It gives you a handy approach to unlimited portfolio’s and their prices. It also manages your real time quotes and allows you to handle your pricing.

40. Bloomberg

It is one of the best financial sites, which provides you the best information about your finance and current market trademarks.

41. iQuoteTracker

This application helps you a very easy track of the stock prices and allows you to stay connect with stock exchange and get the latest updates.

42. myBudge

It helps you to manage your budget. It will take your expenses as inputs and provides you a better budget plan for whole month as output.

43. WhatIf

When you want to get the latest update of the stock market, this application will surely help you.

44. StockWatch

It you a complete record of stocks and has many other features of managing them also.

45. Torch

This application helps you managing your all the business related issues and projects by giving you the business tips.

46. MobileMe

It synchronizes your mobile with different places like your home, office, or school computer.

47. Harvest Time Expense Tracker

To manage your time and expenses, this application will be very effective. It also helps you to manage your budget and work better for your expenses.

48. Date Wheel

This application works like a remainder to remind you about your task to-do and also your coming event, assignments and project schedules.

49. Dexy

This application helps you to organize your daily work load and manage your task in a very efficient and easy way.

50. SugarSync

Using this application will surely help you to get free access to your office or home PC from your mobile and manages your tasks.

51. iTalk Recorder

This application helps to create to-do tasks list and perform various tasks in a very efficient way.

52. Attendance Countdown

This application keeps a record of your mobile activities and provides you the best knowledge about your tasks done.

56. iiBlueSky

This is a mind mapping tool and allows you to handle your routine task in a very efficient manner.

57. Thumb Jot

It allows you to take notes on your iPhone.

58. Google Calendar

This application provides you very attractive mobile calendar and helps you to manage your to-do tasks list also.

59. 30Boxes

You can easily manage your scheduled classes, meetings and other tasks using 30Boxes.

60. 43 Actions

This application provides you a better interface to manage your schedules like classes, meetings, projects and other tasks.

61. Listingly

By using this application, you can easily create and manage your tasks list. This application will surely prove to be the best remainder tool.

62. Pageonce

This is one the most valued financial sites on the Web. It provides you the latest financial activities, news and information.

63. iProcrastinate Mobile

To make a to-do list in a very efficient manner, this application has been used.

64. Super Index Cards

This application helps you to manage and use the concept of indexed cards on your iPhone.

65. iZoho

This application allows you to create, view and manage your office files in a better way. It offers you all of your documents, spreadsheets, CRMs.

66. HyperOffice

It works like a business and productivity manager. Using this application, you can easily get access to your documents and spreadsheets.

67. TouchType

Here is a spell checker for your mobile, which handle you grammatical mistakes as well as your spelling mistakes.

68. iSpreadsheet

This application provides you a free and effective access to your spreadsheets and helps managing them.

69. Files Lite

You can create, view and share your documents in a very easy way.

70. Whiteboard-Collaborative Drawing

Whiteboard works like a collaborative whiteboard to draw whatever you want using your mobile phone.

71. AccelaStudy Vocabulary Builder

It helps improving your vocabulary in a very easy way.

72. Time Since

It is very simple, handy and useful productivity tool for you. This application helps you to manage your personal tasks.

73. iPocket Coach

This application allows you to manage you stuff in a better way in every field of life. It manages your different tasks.

74. GlobalCall

When you have a several contacts all over the globe and you want to contact them, then this application will surely help you to check their availability for communication.

75. iClueless

It works like a search portal, which allows you to search anything anytime from anywhere you want.

76. Date Wheel

Date wheel calculates the difference between two dates for the benefits of your professional and personal life.

77. Myf2p

Myf2p helps you to access your documents and spreadsheets from your mobile phone easily.

78. WeDict

This application provides you a free dictionary with all the references for your iPhone.

79. The Vault

This is one of the top most security tools for your mobile. It can easily store all of your confidential data like passwords, PINs, credit and debit card information and bank account numbers.

80. SystemInfo

It gives you a complete knowledge about your mobile and its performance.

81. Translate

This application helps you to translate whatever you want. This application is connected to Google translator, which allows you to translate you data in every language.

82. iGuardDog

iGuardDog protects your mobile from the excessive loss of battery. It terminates all those applications, which consumes more battery.

83. Speeek!

This is a language translator. It gets you audio input and translates it in any of the language you want.

84. Events Finder

It handles almost every event of your mobile applications like Upcoming, Eventbrite, and TicketStumbler.

85. iSayHello

iSayHello uses Google translator to translate words, phrases, sentences and whole paragraphs of text among different languages.

86. New York on Tap

This application helps you to find all the important places of New York City. It helps you to locate the near clubs, bars, subways and hotels.

87. Payless Car Rental

By using this application, you can rent a car very easily. Not only this, you can also view, modify or cancel your reservations using your mobile very efficiently.

89. Bell Hop

This is a mobile search tool, which helps you to search different information, documents and photos very easily.

90. London Travel Guide

This is an electronic travel guide of London City. It guides you to find different locations in London City.

91. Good Food

It allows you to book rooms in different hotels around the globe.

92. TripIt

This application allows you to organize your travel plans. It helps you finding different places like Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Hotels and Banks near your location.

93. SushiGuru

This application provides you to search from a huge database of different sushi names of Japanese and English.

94. Reuters

This application allows you to use Reuters website from your mobile to enjoy news, sports, entertainment, business information and several other stuff.

95. WashingtonPost Mobile

By using this application, you can get access to all the breaking news and can read them easily.

96. Marketing Forecast

This is a very effective application to get different details about the marketing trends and also about the latest marketing issues.

97. iActu

This is a mobile news reader, which allows you to read up to 500 different newspapers daily.

98. One News Page

It allows you to read the top stories and headlines in a very attractive user interface.

99. NPR

NPR gives you an access to different news channels. It allows you to listen audio news and stay updated.

100. CBS News Mobile

This application provides you to read all the breaking news and top stories from CBS News channel.

101. AP Mobile News

By using this application, you can get an easy access to different top stories and breaking news.

102. ESPN iPhone

It provides you an easy access to ESPN breaking news and analysis, up to the minute scores and other sports related stuff.

103. NYTimes Mobile

You can read all the breaking news and top stories from New York Times.

104. Where to Golf

This application helps you to find different golf course around you. It allows you to find all the better conditions to enjoy the true pleasure of golf.

105. Tetris

This game application allows you to enjoy Flick and Poke on your mobile.

106. Sudoku

Here is the application to enjoy the American’s favorite puzzle games on your mobile.

107. Crossword

This application allows you to play game with multi player environment.

108. Word Warp

This is a puzzle game of joining random numbers to make different combinations of words.

109. Cube Runner

This is a highly featured snake game for your mobile, which allows you to enjoy the true level of difficulties of this game.

110. Topple

This is a tower building game, which checks your architectural thoughts.

111. Trism

This is one of the best brains testing challenging games, which allows you to solve different puzzles in different modes.

112. Wurdle

This game is a Boggle-like word game, which provides you various challenges to solve. It is an extreme piece of challenging fun.

113. 400 Free iPhone Games

You can enjoy 400 free games on your mobile by using this application.


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