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Posted on 18 May 2011

The Kindle holds the title of the best selling product of in the last year. What makes it so good is that it is widely considered the best e-book reader. The 3G version comes for US $189, and the Wireless Fidelity comes for only US $ 139. The product has a very chic look and a 6 inch screen. The battery time is also quite high and can last for almost a month.

What really makes the Amazon Kindle unique is that it is the only e-book reader who has so many features and applications. The ever popular gadget is a very happening product, and that is why it deserves some spotlight. Every gadget is incomplete without its accessories and supplementary items. The Kindle too have created a lot of hype in the consumer market, and that prompted companies to manufacture newer accessories. The Kindles accessories make e-book reading even more enjoyable and easier. The following are the best Kindle covers, cases and accessories out there that consumers would want to know about.

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover:

This product is what Amazon itself created for the Kindle; it is called the Kindle Lighted Leather Cover. The leather cover has a very normal look yet it is a cool accessory to have. The cover has a light for reading in low light. The source of power for the light is the Kindles own battery. This is a compartment within the case that contains the LED light slide. The cover is made of leather from the outside and on the inside, there is soft micro fiber that protects the Kindle’s screen from scratches. Setting up the whole thing will not take more than half a minute. It is fairly easy to handle. The Cover comes in seven colors that include black, burnt orange, hot pink, apple green, burgundy red, chocolate brown and steel blue. The retail price is US $ 59.99.

Kindle Leather Cover:

Some consumers might think that the Kindle lighted leather cover may be too expensive. The Kindle Leather cover is a good substitute for the Lighted version and also comes in at a lot lesser. Retail price is only US $ 34.99 making it much cheaper than the lighted one. Like the cover mentioned before, this one is also an Amazon official. Coming in the same seven colors this version is the same. It is even set up in the same way as the other. E-book readers! Be on the look out for this product. It’s good value for money, and it serves the purpose it is designed for.

The Belkin Grip Kindle Sleeve:

The Belkin Grip Kindle Sleeve is fundamentally different than the Amazon ones in a few ways. First, it is manufactured by Belkin, a computer hardware company and not Amazon. Secondly, it is not a cover at all. Rather it is a sleeve case that you can carry with the Kindle. The Kindle stays safe during traveling, etc. It is available in different colors, including purple plum, coral pink, black and midnight blue. The outside of the sleeve is designed to give a firm hold, and the interior is made up of material who can provide some protection and safety to the product. All this comes in at US $ 24.99.

M-Edge Executive Kindle Jacket:

This product is a black cover that comes with leather exterior and micro-suede interior to make the experience of e-reading better for the customer. It holds the kindle with four holding points. Another book lighter called the M-Edge e-Laminator can be bought a US $ 19.99 to help read in places with less light.

This leather jacket comes in at US $ 39.99 and is available in green, mocha, pink, purple, black, and red and navy blue.

Acase Genuine Leather Flip Case:

If the M-Edge Executive Kindle Jacket is too expensive the Acase Genuine Leather Flip case is a more economical product which serves in the same way as a stand. This book stand is made up of leather and costs US $ 15.95. The consumer can feel at ease using this. The product comes in white black and brown colors.

Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-On Light:

Reading in low light is not a problem anymore with the product around. It is called the Might Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-on light. The battery time lasts for hours. The product enables the consumer to read e-books via the Kindle in low light. The cost is relatively low at US $ 14.99. It comes in black and white colors. The Light Emitting Diode or LED helps illuminate the Kindle e-ink screen. The Luma Lenz spreads the light evenly in the screen and the MightyGrip technology in the light helps the clip grip on to objects. This product is highly effective and helps in e-reading.

Buds J4 Rugged Metal In- Ear buds:

Ear buds have a very deeply entrenched relationship with its gadget. In audio devices, it holds its place as one of them most important part of the gadget. The Kindle too has its own specially made ear buds that are compatible with other devices too. The ear buds are functional with almost every gadget out there including PSP, notebooks, I-Pods, Kindles, etc. The quality of the sound is quite high with a 3.5 mm jack. The ear buds are made up of highly strong and durable material. The entire package consists of seven soft silicon ear buds and a travel case. The colors in which it is available include Black/Red, Gun Metal, Blue/Yellow and Purple and comes in at US $ 43.44.

Decal Girl And Gela Skins For Kindle:

A good gift item for e-book readers would be a sticker for your very own Amazon Kindle. This product comes in at US $ 19.99. They are basically stickers for the Kindle that are easily removable and depict art from Vlad studio. They are all long lasting and easy to use. They do not damage the Kindle if that is what consumers are thinking making them quite impressive. They’re durable. They can easily be removed, and they look really good making them a great gift to kindle lovers.

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