ASUS DR900 Review

Posted on 07 May 2011


Before launching of ASUS DR900, it had earlier introduced the similar sort of product with the name of ASUS EEE Note EA800. That is actually a blend of eReader and eNotepad. The terminology of eNotepad is somewhat unique which you have not heard on frequent basis. It is actually an intricate learning mechanism.

ASUS EEE Reader DR900

Now ASUS has launched another product with the name of ASUS EEE Reader DR900. It is a very unique product; publicized as the very first nine inches eBook reader. It is not simply an eBook reader, but it can also be utilized not to interpret eBooks as well as the different stuff that you read. It is actually with capacitive touch screen coating built up on the crest of nine inches SiPix electrophoretic display (An electrophoretic display is a type of low-power thin display that is considered a prime example of electronic paper or e-paper reference from: / This is in fact a recent technology introduced by ASUS.

Difference between DR900 and EA800

From the above given introduction, it must be evident that DR900 or EA800 by ASUS are pretty much similar and the difference is of the screen in DR900. This screen matches more closely to eInk as against the LCD equipment. It offers a perked up reading familiarity to your eyes. Besides that, it uses less energy. As far as the battery life is concerned, ASUS EEE Reader DR900 is invented to continue for 4 days, if you use it with Wi-Fi enabled and it can last up to fourteen days, if WI-FI is not used.

ASUS EEE Reader DR900 is Better

In order to purchase books, you would require making utilization of Webkit searching software. This is already setup on the ASUS DR900 combined with the W—FI connection. You have an option to use 3G. Another significant feature is text-to-speech workability.

For this feature, Kindle is also quite well known which have the facility to function with twenty three different languages.  The dimensions of ASUS EEE Reader DR00 are just ideal with small breadth and measurement of221x191x9.7 mm. It is of very little weight, i.e. only 440 grams.

Expected Price

Yet ASUS has not disclosed the price, but based on the previous experience of ASUS products; one can predict that it will be between US$200 to US$250.


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