2010 Rumors About iPod: Truth and Fiction

Posted on 02 May 2011

It is fair to say that iPhone makers have had a few hectic months. Antenna gate still some gloss off the launch of the iPhone 4, Apple is trying to move quickly to the whole affair under the carpet shame once and for all.So how does the Cupertino Company to compensate for missed unhappy past events? Be ‘, Apple’s special event “to show off a huge revised iPod Nano and iPod Touch might just do the trick.

Surveying what has already sunk into cyberspace on a possible new addition to the family of Apple PMP, see below for our race to the bottom of rumors about the new iPod Touch.

iPhone OS 3.2 Reveals New iPod Touch

In April this year as the iPad has been hitting the stores, Boy Genius Report has noticed that the OS supports in terms of new models of iPod, iPhone and iPad. While this may not be a surprise since Apple tends to update their programs regularly these days, it was still enough to get these fanbois speculate what Apple had lined up next.

New iPod Touch Specifications

UK retailer John Lewis leaves more than the cat out of the bag, revealing not only an updated iPod Touch was on the cards, but they had an idea about the specifications which they said was based on “sound that we hear from suppliers.”

During an event to show his range in July, saying the retailer that there was a five mega pixel camera with flash, HD video, an accelerometer and a camera gyroscope forward facing to forward video calls FaceTime.

Face Time

He had a new iPod Touch picture that shows the face of a space-time camera. This feature is only working between the iPhone four handsets.

However, it is big news, and to convince consumers to go buy an iPod.

iPod Touch Camera

Finally, after adding a camera that brings iPhone 4 a bit closer to his rival smartphone, a five mega pixel camera, rumored move to the new key. Contrary to initial reports, insiders said camera 9to5mac on the iPod Touch is actually only 3.2 million pixels, with “features similar to those found in the iPhone 3G. This also suggests that there is no LED flash.

These photos show an iPod Touch is to take place similar to the iPhone 4, but my spot up there for the first face of the camera, which is also supporting for time in getting touches.

Case for the New iPod

Hard Mac also noted that if the specifications for the new iPod Touch have been sent to manufacturers. Pictures of the event and showed a photo flash. It appears that this rumor might be true after all.

Release Date of iPod Touch

Most of Steve Jobs announcements are made for the iPod in September. He makes an event supported by BMO Capital analyst Keith Bachman.


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