10 Best HD Games for iPad

Posted on 09 May 2011

Playing games on your mobile in very nice way to spend your leisure time and boring moments. Playing game on your iPhone is very amazing experience. This list will provide you the knowledge about most amazing and additive games for your iPad and iPhone. Here is the list of top 10 most favorable and popular games to play on an iPhone.

1. NBA Hotshot HD for iPad

If you’ve played any version of Sid Meier’s award-winning Civilization franchise, you’ll be instantly familiar with the iPad app. The official version of this game has very attractive graphics and new features as well. This game has a lot number of levels, which you can unlock by gaining maximum points while playing this game.

2. Grind

This is one of the best skateboard games, which provides you extreme enjoyment while playing in your iPhone or iPad. It gives you a very realistic approach to your favorite game, while playing. Not only playing the simple game, you can also perform various tremendous tricks and unique moves in it.

3. Flight Control

This game provides you the different flight routes and allows you to get a perfect knowledge about flight controls. You can also enjoy the beats of more than 40 free songs during flights. This game is available for both iPod Touch and iPhone.

4. Azkend HD

This game is made for your iPhone, iPad and also available for ipad touch now.

This is very simple game and has a user-friendly environment. This game is developed by using a suspicious approach. All you have to do is to judge the game and play it till its end.

5. Plants vs. Zombie

This game is developed by the Discovery Channel. This is one of the best strategic games, which testify your decision making capability. In this game, you have to defense your buildings and army from your opponents. The better you make strategies, the best you will achieve.

6. Labyrinth 2

This game has accelerometer to rotate and accelerate your ball. This is a classic game with 10 levels.

This game has two versions available in market. Both versions, the full and lite version of this game, are available for both iPod Touch and iPhone.

7. Worms HD

This is a Risk-like strategy game of global domination. Control the blue army of worms and take over the world. In this game, you have to control the strategies of your army in a better way to achieve the maximum points.

8. Numba HD

This game is exactly what it sounds like. No one ever out grows this simple game. It is perfectly based on physics. If you know various concepts of physics and want to testify your knowledge then, this game will check your capabilities and tell you about your results on your iPhone, after you complete this puzzle. This game is Free and is available for both iPod Touch and iPhone.

9. Sparkle HD

This game has very attractive interface and provides you the best to play on your iPhone. No game list is complete without Solitaire. It is a Mac classic and now it is available for the iPod Touch. Go ahead and enjoy your alone time.

10. Ammoin HD

This is a very amazing puzzle game with beautiful and attractive interface for the users. This game is without any age limit and provides better playing options for every age group.



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