Will iPad Kill TV?

Posted on 04 April 2011

The iPad is actually an enhancement to the previous tablet computers. These are premeditated, expanded and promoted solely by Apple. Principally, it was produced as a stage for the audio-visual medium that comprise of multiple things, like books, magazines, games, web material and movies.

How does it look like?

Its dimensions and mass is something amid the modern smartphones and laptop. The iPad also uses the operating system that is being utilized by the iPhone and iPod Touch. You have dual advantage of running not only its own application, but also of the iPhone applications. With no further addition and with the exemption of web applications, the only programs functions on it are the one endorsed by Apple and dispersed through its online store.

Multi touch Display

Likewise iPod Touch and iPhone, the iPad is also a multi touch presentation. It is distinctive in that manner from the tablet computers.

These were controlled with the help of stylus or with implicit online keyboard instead of an actual keyboard. The iPad browses the web with help of Wi-Fi connection.

iPad Users Likely to Cancel Their TV Cable Connection

There is very surprising and unanticipated news regarding the iPad in the market. You will also be baffled to learn about it. The news concerns the iPad customers who will now most probably abandon the subscriptions of their TV cable, as they now see movies and other TV shows on the iPad with the help of iTunes. They don’t have to make high charges on monthly basis through which they can watch plenty of boring shows and old movies. It really does not depict that the people now don’t spend cash on media, because the identical customers utilize the applications, such as offered by ABC television or see the movies on Hulu or Netfix. For some of these subscriptions they are required to pay charges every month

The Ideal TV Channel

For a TV channel, an application should be developed that either support advertisements or ask for a subscription fee from the clients to watch TV without advertisements/promotions. The TV channel operation would also be different to attract and accommodate the frequent net users. Though, it is not that simple to adopt the fresh broadcasting medium; however, TV channels ultimately have to do that. So, instead of delaying it, they should do it now; else they will also be out of market like printed press that was thwarted couple of years back by fresh sites on web. These are still struggling to come back.


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