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Posted on 20 April 2011

After jailbreaking your iPhone, the installation procedure leaves a new app on your home screen, this app called “Cydia” allows you to access the jailbreak app databanks that are essential in downloading your favorite jailbreak applications. Once there were used to be numerous jailbreak installers on your phone or iPad, but now, with the integration of Installer into Cydia and the union of Rock into Cydia, all the jailbreak applications are now in one location. Jailbreak apps used to be free once, but nowadays there are a number of commercial apps obtainable that have a much higher standard.

After such a long time jailbreak apps, especially for your iPhone and iPad are becoming more and more stable. Now you should not worry about jailbreaking apps corrupting your system or installing worms, botnets or viruses. And now you can also Keep track of all your transactions and space inside the Cydia app. It has never been this easy, especially on the iPad.

Now here are our latest picks for the top three Cydia apps that are a must have on your iPhone.

1. Winterboard and Summerboard

What these two apps basically do is to change your background and icons and also change your entire UI. It only has this one tiny problem, which is that you’ll undergo through some delay to accomplish your preferred result, but it usually has some pretty awesome results. You can change only the keyboard, but not the UI( User Interface ), or vice versa, and also you can modify every detail of the Springboard. For 2010 and 2011 are the new “Live Wallpapers” like the android that permits your iPhone to use totally neat stirring backgrounds. This effect while making your phone look absolutely cool also drains your battery.

On Winterboard the customization goes so very far beyond the simple icon packs and skins and into the realm of truly altering your interaction with the app icons. And it’s quite possible to change the rows of icons, the columns of icons and to accomplish an Android like effect on the launchers.

2. Open SSH For Wireless File Sharing

The single most exciting thing you can do to your phone is to install the Open SSH app. What OpenSSH does is that it installs a kind of protocol on your iPhone, which allows your Computer to connect with your phone wirelessly, allowing you to drop apps straight into your iPhone through the home network. Using the SSH protocol in collaboration with a program for Windows like Putty or WinSCP makes things all the easier.

While using the WinSCP program, it is very easy accessing your iPhone’s IP address. Once the Phone’s IP address has been found, you’ll need to use the User Name: ROOT and the Password: ALPINE. And after you’re inside the phone’s file structure, you should immediately change the username and password. The WinSCP program allows you to transfer any IPA files directly into the installed device folder.

3. Emulating NES ROMS with Cydia

An emulator is more like a piece of hardware. You can play any NES game, which is obtainable as a ROM. Now you can enjoy all those great oldies which you always wanted to play in one handy place. Now is with this app you can make use of those hours which you spent being bored by just playing around with the original Mario or Zelda. The controls are insightful and the graphics look amazing!

The latest emulators in the Cydia banks come at a price, but they give great offers. Capable of downloading NES ROMs within the actual app itself is the new ADX Plus emulator and is also able to present you with both the emulator and a complete answer to all your ROM needs. The updated edition of BigBoss’s NES emulator which allows you to shift over your own existing ROMs.

And there you have it, the most interesting apps for your iPhone/iPad, which are available in the market.


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