Top 10 iPhone 3G Apps

Posted on 27 April 2011

The iPhone has made significant progress since it was introduced. Although the interface is brilliantly designed, fast and has an overall feature not found on other mobile operating systems. The most impressive thing is the great number of applications currently exists on the relatively new operating system. The Top 10 apps which are a must have for an iPhone are:

1. Top iPhone Video Game

Super Monkey Ball is one of the most intriguing games for the iPhone. The gameplay is very simple and smooth. The levels are very precise, while being an overall fun game. The point is simple, navigate your Monkey in his Ball form through various navigated levels without falling off the mazes open sides. Priced at $10 it is right for Super Monkey Ball and is worth your money.

2. Best iPhone Streaming Music Application is one of the best music streaming channels. The program lets you select your favorite band and start streaming their music, along with other bands considered to be close a companion. The best thing about this app is that you can block a song to be never played again if you don’t like it

3. The Most Innovative iPhone Music App

Shazam is a free application with a very simple but quite handy function. If you hold your iPhone to any music source, be it a stereo, TV, etc. Shazam will tell you within seconds about what song you’re listening to, who the artist is, and where to buy it. The users will also be able to view related YouTube videos.

4. Best iPhone Internet / Mobile Search App

The Google App for the iPhone is a very dedicated search app, while searching the internet users can also search their phone for items such as Contacts, Applications, etc. This app also features smart search, essentially as you enter letters the available programs that match those letters will appear first in search results.

5. Best iPhone Location Based Software

The app developed by The Omni Group is an example of a perfect “Location Based Organizer.”

It allows users to Keep track of actions by project, place, person, or date. Bring up a shopping list, agenda items to discuss at work, tasks for home, and any other lists you need. It priced only at 19.99$ is worth it all.

6. Best iPhone Aggregate News Reader (RSS FEEDS)

Net Newswire is an awesome free application, because it works very easily with a rather simple interface that takes you straight with your news without any unnecessary menu options.

7. Best Social Network App For iPhone Users

Loopt Mobile is actually a location based social network app. Its kind of like Facebook for people who are travelling a lot. You can send and receive comments from your friends as well as location suggestions, tag photos and even find suggested locations based on famous services such as Yelp.

8. Best iPhone Ebook App

If you like to read on the go then the eReader app is just for you. The application is free to use, which offers users to download eBooks directly into their iPhone. The wording also comes clear, and its nice to the relatively small iPhone screen

9. Best iPhone Weather Application

WeatherBug is a weather app which covers over 45,000 locations worldwide. Aside from the standard location database, the application also has features like bringing up satellite information, radar maps, detailed forecasts, weather cameras, and in dire cases it sends alerts directly to your device.

10. Best iPhone Sports Reporting App

SportTap is an app which covers all the major U.S. Sports like MLB, NFL, and NBA sporting events, along with the NHL, PGA, Tennis and also even some more international sports The User Interface is quite simple and easy to understand and is not hectic to make it difficult. It is definitely worth it as it is free of cost.


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