Set Gmail Priority Inbox For Filtered Messages

Posted on 15 April 2011

Google always brings exciting announcements and features for its valuable users. Due to reason Gmail ha become the first choice of all types of internet users i.e. from large corporations to individuals. Everybody is well aware of the great features and helping tools that are offered by Gmail. Just few weeks ago, Google announced a great inbox tool that is called as the Priority Inbox.

This is indeed another smart feature of Gmail that helps you to get rid of unwanted e-mails and to access important e-mails more conveniently.

What does this System do?

If you are not getting your important e-mails right into your inbox because of the activation of spam folder or etc, then Priority Inbox is for you. Priority Inbox is a clever function that is capable of identifying important and junk mail. It sorts out your inbox and keeps it clean from spammers. This function displays the most important e-mails on top of your inbox and fixes everything else at the bottom of your inbox.

In simpler words, it arranges all your e-mails in order of priority and importance.

How to Activate It?

This system doesn’t work automatically and to make it work you have to activate in by tweaking your gmail inbox settings. You have to make some adjustments in your filtered mail settings. These adjustments are really simple. Follow the steps listed below to make most of the Priority Inbox.

  • First of all, login on to your Gmail account
  • After login click on the Settings tab
  • In Settings tab you will see an option of Priority Inbox, click this tab
  • Now move on to the Filtered mail area and after reaching here activate the Override filters
  • In the fourth and final step, you simply have to save these settings

You are successfully done and you have successfully activated your Priority Inbox to keep your most important e-mails in your inbox.

Advantages of Priority Inbox

This feature is very useful to keep your important e-mails away from junk mail folder. This is because sometime when you have your spam folder activated, your important e-mails randomly filtered in junk mails. With Priority Inbox you can keep your important e-mails in your inbox and can get easy access to them. Enjoy reading your important e-mails with Priority Inbox and expect more from Gmail because it knows your desires.



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