Multiple Google Accounts

Posted on 29 April 2011

Google is the most widely used Search engine all over the world, which was introduced for the first time in September 4, 1998.  It is a project of a MULTINATIONAL PUBLIC CORPORATION’s investment. With the advent of computing technologies and the arrival of latest advertising technologies, the internet searching has become the most advanced and versatile by using

Google’s Mission

Google Accounts

Google’ has extended its vast search services with its exceptional and globalized mission;

“To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Introducing Multiple Sign-in

A new interesting feature will be soon introduced which will enable its users all over the world to use “Multiple Sign-in”. By using this innovative feature of Google’s multiple Sign-in option, the daily users of Google can enjoy their multiple accounts anytime without the previously stringent implementation of signing in and out. It allows you to log into your multiple user accounts at once by using Google’s host domain and then creates all kinds of permissions and authentications for the use of Google’s documentation.

Time saving by using multiple sign-in

The option of multiple sign-in is highly advantageous in terms of saving your precious time as the sign-in will take not more than few seconds to let you operate your multiple accounts at a time, especially this feature will be highly attractive for those users which use to sign-in their accounts more than twelve times daily.

This feature will be great news for the resellers, where there will be a step forward in technology advancement thus enabling them to integrate Google’s account with their Google’s applications and services.

Multiple Sign-in feature is for limited Google applications

Multiple Sign-in feature is for limited Google applications

As a part of introduction to this new Google’s multiple sign-in feature it is also necessary to relate that this feature will be applicable to limited applications of Google like; Gmail, calendar, reader, sites, voice, applications engine, and for Google code. According to some recent reports, it is expected that this new feature will be getting introduced within the next week by Google.

The introduction of such features with the passage of time shows that Google is working to provide its worldwide users the easiest accessible means to the latest technology and such unique features are believed to be adapted to ensure better user friendly applications for the worldwide community.


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