Most Common Ways to Make Best Use of Printers

Posted on 12 April 2011

Now a day’s printer is a very useful device. With the help of it, you can do many types of things like you can print out your shopping lists and spreadsheet of your finance and many more things. So there are many uses of printer but many people fail to take the complete use of printer. Here are top 10 best ways to use a printer.

1. Direct Print

Some printers are directly connected to your digital cameras. Through a printer, you can easily print your high resolution pictures. It is better to see your own pictures in printed form either to see in computer. Print only important pictures not extra pictures because due to this habit it finishes all ink cartridges of your printer.

2. To Decorate

You can make home decoration things with the help of printer. You can make paper candle holder, paper flowers, and origami pieces, etc. Buy colorful papers from market and download templates from websites. HP website is best for creative ideas. Print your own designs. It is as simple as that Exotic animal print home decoration, house decoration leopard print, print Halloween decoration, antique biscuit barrel silver lid print decoration, animal decoration party print ideas.

3. For Wrapping Purpose

You can also make wrapping papers with the printers. First you make design on computer and then print this design on some high quality paper. You can also make large or small format designs on the wrappers. You can wrap gifts with your homemade wrappers. You can make playing cards, cellophane, Christmas sunflower, colored vintage wrapping papers.

4. Take Your Favorite Photo Developer

We are in the digital age. The photo developers do their business with old fashioned like they make the photos in the dark room, etc. Now you can easily capture your photos with your digital cameras and prints your photos from colored printers. But for this purpose, you’re required some photo printer ink and some high quality papers.

5. Make Your Own Stickers

You can also make stickers with the help of printers. Buy some sticker paper and make some design or pictures and then print these designs on the sticker papers. You can use these stickers on your notebook and make it stylish. You can make bumper stickers, Halloween stickers, free garage sale price stickers, Barbie and play stationary stickers.

6. Announced

You can also use your printer when special events com around. You can make different types of announcements and invitations at your home.

Use apple iPhoto and Microsoft Publishers to make the design of announcements, invitations.  You can also make the envelop of the invitation cards easily. You can print your birthday card, wedding card, etc.

7. The Shirt Designs

With the help of printer, you can also make iron-on transfers. Buy an iron-on paper and make the design or different type of tattoo on computer. When you have done your design then print out and iron it on to your shirts, pants, bags, etc.

8. Punch Up CDs and DVDs

You can also make a label of yours CDs and DVDs. Buy some label papers and make some desired label with respect to the requirement of your CD and then paste on the CDs.

9. The Maintenance of Documents

All of you have some documents, and you placed your documents in your scrapbook like certificates, diplomas, etc. You can easily scan these documents and save in your computers for life time. You can edit your photos, added text, graphics, frames, and print out. Digital Scrapbook is a very interesting way to use printers. You can also print out the kid’s scrapbooks like Disneyland, etc.


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