iPad VS. Kindle

Posted on 10 April 2011

Majority of people think that iPad has taken over the market from Kindle. iPad is the most recent gadget. It is very striking and amazing, and therefore, draws attention of large number of clients. Nonetheless, it’s supremacy over the Kindle must be rationally established. You therefore, need to go through the comparison between iPad and Kindle in order to make a choice out of these two. The information given here will assist you making a rational choice to purchase iPad or Kindle.

The comparison has been made keeping in view the various factors including the size of these.

iPad and Kindle: Comparison for Size and Price

The iPad is available only in single size of 9.7 inches. On the other hand, Kindle is available in two different sizes, i.e. six inches as well as nine inches. The price of Kindle is almost 50% less than that of iPad. The Kindle opening price is UD$260, whereas the price of iPad is US$500. It must also be noted that the price of Kindle DX with 9.7 inches screen is US$489. Kindle is relatively sleek and handy as compared to iPad.

Comparison of Utility; iPad and Kindle

iPad has enhanced facets in comparison to the Kindle. You may utilize it for browsing the net, playing games, watching videos, storing and downloading videos and many more. On the contrary, for frequently reading ebook, Kindle is much superior to iPad. The Kindle has been programmed keeping in view the ardent readers.

Which is better for Exhibiting?

The presentation of iPad is lustrous; pretty similar to iPhone. Kindle supporters state that it s not appropriate to serve the purpose of reading for long time periods. On the other hand, Kindle comes with a non-reflective display.

This facilitates the individuals to read even in the sun. The iPad has the facility of operating it through touch screen, whereas Kindle comes with buttons on its base.

Storage Capability

Kindle is not even close to the storage capability of iPad. Hence, there is no comparison. You can store videos and audios in your iPad which requires a larger space as compared to e-books that can be stored in Kindle.

Comparison of Batter and Other Facets

In this regard, Kindle is far better than iPad with the battery power up to 14 days. On the other hand, iPad has a 10 hours battery life. It may be owing to the fact that iPad applications are potent than that of Kindle, so these require more battery. Kindle can be operated without any particular system requirement. On the other hand, iPad can be operated through Mac/Personal computer with iTunes.


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