HTC Desire HD vs Google Nexus S

Posted on 14 April 2011

It’s nonetheless, era of Android handsets, and whenever there is talk about Android handsets one can’t just forget The Nexus S and Desire HD. They belong to Samsung and HTC family respectively. Galaxy S of the Samsung has already made its mark, whereas HTC Nexus One (HTC) has made its name by becoming Google’s successor. Let’s see which Android outruns the other.



There was always a slight problem running TweetDeck or Angry Birds on handsets but not these handsets. They are elegant, smart and quite enjoyable handsets. Moreover, it’s nonetheless, great surprise to see more than one lack and 20 thousand games and applications restless to be used. In short, the market is full of healthy surprises. The only slight problem with Android 2.3 is that developers haven’t updated the code yet and due to which some applications don’t run.

Tasker, an application which is used for handy control of phone settings has reduced its functionality on NEXUS S, which is quite irritating sometimes. The most difficult part is to compare the two handsets in case of downloads. Both are the equal matches in downloading. With the advent of time apps are increasing day by day, this may damage the attractiveness of Desire HD.

Quality Calling and Battery Timing

The only thing the Desire HD lags is battery timing. It has a huge 4.3-inch LCD screen and only 1230 mAh battery, which only make the thing worse. For those, who are regular mobile users extra battery acts not as a choice but a necessity. Moreover, the battery HTC has used is woefully inadequate for the task at hand. For applications, games and videos the battery just doesn’t fulfill user requirements.

On the contrary, the Nexus S has a battery capacity of 1500 mAh cell. As the screen (AMOLED) is also not too heavy as compared to LCD so battery of NEXUS S appears quite handy. It has quite improved increased stamina and is feasible for running apps, games and videos. Those who prefer long battery timings NEXUS S is the right choice. By being a bit of care the battery can last a couple of days without charge.


Nowadays, the storage is the top priority of users. NEXUS S comes with the pre-storage of 16 GB, which is more than enough for most of the users (quite enough for songs, apps and downloads). However, the problem is that when this storage runs out, there is no external memory microSD card slot.

The Desire HD fulfills the requirement of external memory slot. 8 GB micro SD card comes with the phone, and the slot has the capacity to handle up to 32 GB. The internal memory is only 1.5 GB. Although prices of micro SD are reaching the peak but feature can’t be just neglected and thus HD leads the Samsung in storage capacity.


Google is the backbone of both sets as Nexus S and Desire HD runs on Android OS. The main difference between the two OS is that the former uses the ANDROID 2.3, whereas the later is stuck on ANDROID 2.2. Android 2.3 acts as a big fish in the town as it is smart, marvelous and untouched edition. In terms of high speed boost and performance NEXUS S has an edge over Desire HD.


Both the sets outmatch each other. In case of connectivity unfortunately none overtakes the other. In terms of online connections, Bluetooth, WiFi both make their mark.


Desire HD simply pulls the strings with the 8MP camera. It just makes the things the memories back to life. While, the NEXUS S has the same camera like NEXUS. Video recording offers a more striking disparity between the two challengers. As the android is not able to support mind blowing quality NEXUS S remains restricted to 480p, which is the standard definition.

Power and Performance (Scorpions VS Hummingbirds)

OH my GOSH!! One GHz processor is definitely more than enough to fuel the needs of users. Both the SCORPION (Desire HD) and HUMMINGBIRD (Nexus S) offer blistering performance and responsiveness by been possessing one GHz processor. It would definitely be a problem if Android 2.3 wasn’t running on NEXUS S, which makes plenty of software improvements and allows the apps to run more efficiently.


The monster gets the beauty. 4.3-inch screen is, nonetheless, the monster, which just makes the life cozy and fun to watch. The desire HD screen leaves its mark on the user, whether they are watching movies, playing games or running apps. On the contrary, NEXUS S has 4 inch screen, which is quite enough for users. When compared both the screens the beast gets the lead over NEXUS S.

Media Playback

NEXUS S AND DESIRE HD both are made for fun and entertainment. Dolby mobile and SRS sound makes DESIRE HD quite edgy over Nexus S. On the other hand, both handsets come with a bunch of music apps.



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