How to Make Your DSL Faster?

Posted on 07 April 2011

DSL is a term used to describe range of high speed communications services. These services are provided by the ISP (Internet Service Provider) company over Telephone network .PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) uses a pair of copper wires to connect our telephone services to the national telephony network. DSL technology uses these wires to send or receive data.

Ways to Enhance the Speed of the DSL Connection

A user of DSL usually gets much lesser speed as compared to speed advertised by the company. A user can increased the speed of DSL Connection by using following ways:

1. POTS SPLITTER (plain old telephone service)

As we discussed above a user cannot get the exact speed as advertised or provide by the DSL Company. But a user can increase that speed by using POTS Splitter.

POTS splitter is a device which is used for increasing the speed of DSL connection.

It is used to divide a line into telephone and broadband by attaching it to the telephone jack. It has ability to improve the quality of voice and as well as the quality of data.

When the length of the data line is increased the quality and speed of the data is decreased.

POTS splitter is very useful device for the user of DSL. The best way for the user to use this device by attaching it at the boundary point or the network interface device which is installed by the DSL provider. By doing this user can enhance the speed and the quality of the data line from the ISP to the user’s DSL modem.

It is very beneficial for the user to put DSL modem next to the POTS splitter. In this way we make the telephone company responsible for the data quality, and they can trace out the data quality.

2. Buffer

This is another way to increase the speed of the DSL connection. A user can create Buffer in the computer’s main memory (RAM).Buffer is the cheapest and the easy way to speed up the DSL connection. It is usually ranged from 4MB to 8MB, but a user can increase its range depending on the size of the RAM.

3. Router

Router is also a device used for enhancing the speed and quality of DSL connection. It is commonly used in every DSL connection. There are so many types of routers like wireless router, multi output routers, commercial routers and consumer routers.

The software provided by the DSL provider must not be used by the user. Some ISPs restrict the use of router on the network, because they want to monitor the activities of user on internet. This does not mean that the user can not access the internet; the user only needs his user name and password provided by the ISPs to access the ISPs network. It is good for a user to use Linux Operating system instead of Windows operating system, because Linux provide better performance on a network as compared to Windows operating system.

4. TCP Receive Window

Another way to increase the speed of DSL Connection is by increasing the TCP receive window. By doing this the user can send more number of bytes.

If the window’s size is small then the user has to wait for the acknowledgment from the receiver, due to this speed of internet is decreased.

5. MTU

MTU stands for Maximum Transmission Unit. By this user can measure the bytes of the packet that can be sent. Best MTU is the maximum number of bytes of packet that can be sent. If the packet increases in the size than the MTU, the packet is split up before sending and reunified by the receiver on the other end. Due to splitting up and reunification the speed of DSL Connection slows down. To over come this problem some tools allowed ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) to user.

6. DNS Lookup

DNS stands for domain name system. A user can also increase the DSL Connection speed by searching the fast DNS Server’s addresses. By doing this a user can increase the speed.


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