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Posted on 16 April 2011

3D games are becoming very popular and essential on Google’s Android Operating Systems in mobile phones. Here is the list of latest games for your Android Phones:

1. Armored Strike (Free/$3.99)


This is very simple game for your android phone. Simply, you have play against your opponent till you eliminate him. It gives you a wide range of weapons to play.

2. Cestos (Free)

It a strategic game in which you have to make 5 moves at a time and acquire best result to beat your opponent. This game also supports multiplayer and social options.

3. UniWar ($4.99)

This is an online multiplayer strategy game in which you have to fight over 50 different maps and get the best result to lead the battlefield.

4. Robo Defense (Free/$2.99)

It is a defense game for your mobile phone. It provides you the facility to upgrade it for new gaming options. It have very addictive user interface and allows you beautiful graphics. You can easily use your strategy power to enhance your defense for your army.

5. Bonsai Blast (Free)

In this game, a path is followed by the colored beads and they are going to an end point, you just have to stop them from reaching there by linking at least three beads of same colors.

Once you cleared different stages, you will face though time with more beautiful themes.

6. ToonWarz ($4.00)

It is an awesome shooting game which has two different modes and four missions. It also supports Touch system for shooting. This application offers you to compete with other players after you complete all the four missions.

7. Buka (Free/$2.00)

In this game, you have to get the Buka back to its Happy Place while you have to pass through through a variety of situations where you can use a number of weapons, like shockwaves and sparks, to save Buka. It is required to tackle every obstacle come in your way and provide Buka, a safe way to its home.

8. Abduction (Free)

This game provides you different themes, Level schemes, power ups and levels with high difficulty as they increased. You have to save your player from aliens by jumping on platforms and controlling your direction.

9. Gem Miner: Dig Deeper ($2.00)

This game is developed with the same concept as for Abduction game. The difference is that in this game, you have to Dig the mine and get the safe way for your player to save him from aliens. Sometime, it’s very important to make money because by obtaining more money, you have more options to get useful tools for digging the mines and also to get out from the mines.

10. Mystique Chapter 3 Obitus ($2.99)

This game is all about horror action adventure. It provides your Android phone, a great graphical interface with high quality voice functionality and a full environment for action.

11. Speed Forge 3D (Free)

This is a top racing game with extreme action. It has three styles of heavy-duty vehicles amongst which you have to choose your racing ride. It has six tracks with multiple weapon options for your ride such as, mines and rockets. Turn off the music, If want brilliant performance of the game.

12. Kumpa (Free)

In this game, you have to navigate your accelerometer through different obstacles and to make its way to the end of the game. As your level increase, you will face more problems but at the end, it proves to be the most entertaining game for you.



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