Cool IPad Cases; Make Your iPad Look Better With a Case

Posted on 03 April 2011

Make your iPad look better with a case and use it in the easier way while you are traveling or out of station for some business or something else. It will increase styling point as well as protect it. Is iPad is protected in case cover? Yes iPad’s gorgeous screen is really saved from scratches and dust. If you are traveling across some where with your device, it is also very safe to keep iPad in case cover.

Cool IPad Cases

From functional to fashionable, sure you’ll find a case of your taste, there are many up coming cases in very near future. Have a look below and let us know which bag, sleeve, cover or case you like the most and might be gracing your Apple’s iPad.

1. Marware Eco-Envy

Marware provides a leather envelope with a soft new room inside to hold your iPad. Its cost is starting from $40 to $50. Marware iPad cover comes in colors like, Black, white and blue. Black cover has a coarser feel, and white cover is a little glossy.

2. KingCase iPad Hard Case

KingCase for new Apple iPad, there are many cases of iPad from KingCase It gives hard grip holding an extra style with zebra skin material and have many colors in checker plaid design. It protects the back of your iPad. KingCase iPad hard case is available in about $14.99. It does not intertect with iPad’s functionality and control.

3. Maple Wood Grain Pattern Skin

This wooden cover, It protect your iPad from back and does not cover the screen of your iPad. This Maple Wood cover is paper thin. It can be easily remove and apply when ever you want.

It comes woth 2 pieces of cover that actually covers yours Apple iPad from back and front. Maple’s stylish wooden cover cost is about $33.

4. Hard Candy Cases Bubble Sleeve

If you really want to protect your’s Apple iPad then, Candy Cases suits you best. Hard Candy Cases is specially designed for harsh environments. In the case extra rubber bumpers are added to keep safe your iPad touch system and screen. Inside the cover, there is rubber to perfect adjustment and settle down your iPad in case cover. The cost of this cover is about $49.95. This cost really does not matter to protection of internal as well as external sources.

5. E-volve Reversible Neoprene Sleeve Case Cover

This is what makes your iPad even better. E-volve neoprene sleeve case covers also available for netbooks up to 8.9 inches. It is in a different scheme of colors like, orange, blue, pink, red, grey, and the custom different attractive designs make E-volve case cover really out standing.

6. Booq Taipan Shadow

Booq taipan shadow is like a bag with a few extra pockets and a step to hold it or hand it on your shoulder. In addition, there are grey and black and various colors easily available. Its cost is $69.95.


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