Best Twitter Apps for Android

Posted on 17 April 2011

If you are the user of Android and want to install twitter in your Android then you have come to the right place. There is a heap of twitter applications for Android. All of them are offering different types of options and facilities for Twitter users. Following are four best Twitter applications for Android phone.

Davanum Srinivas’ Unofficial Twitter Client for Android

You can enjoy twitter with full freedom via this application that is specially designed for Android 2.2 phone. You can check updates of your twitter account and set your new status message. It offers a user friendly interface which allows you to get easy access to your Twitter account and keep your self engrossed with your Twitter friends. This application is ideal for minimalists and advanced users will demand more features.

1. TwitterDroid

This is a wonderful Android application for Twitter users. This application helps users to set their Twitter account preferences and keep them saved in their Android phones. Twitter users can login on to their Twitter accounts via this application and enjoy chatting with their friends and setting new status messages. This application also shows the expanded twitter updates from the timeline of your friends and it allows you to post a tweet from your timeline. There will be a waiting spinning that appears on the screen when you send and extract tweets. You can refresh your tweets. Apart from these features, it catches the connection errors and displays alert.

2. Trak for Android

Trak is an advanced Android application for twitter. It is much better than its counterpart applications. It is a type of a location based technology that is merged with Twitter. This application uses GPS in order to broadcast the location of its Android user along with the tweets they do.

You can track your tweets via a map view when you use this application in your Android 2.2 phone.

3. TwitRoid

This Twitter application for Android users is last on the list but not the least. This application is featuring all those useful options which a normal Twitter use wants to have at handy. You can follow other Twitter users, reply to tweets or direct messages, and you can send new direct messages to your friends via this application. Interestingly you won’t have to pay anything for using this application. It is available free of cost and can easily be downloaded by any search engine like Google. You can search this application on your Android phone and download it directly from its original location.

All above mentioned Twitter applications for Android 2.2 phone are few of the best applications and allow their users to enjoy tweeting with full freedom. You can select your choice of application that matches your requirements and keep yourself updated with your friends’ tweets. You can also find other Twitter applications on internet; however, these four applications are by far the best of all for Android 2.2 phone users.


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