Best Samsung Galaxy TAB Cases, Covers, Stands and Accessories

Posted on 01 April 2011

Samsung galaxy Tab is proving to be one of the fastest selling tablets on the market now a day, and there’s a lot of catching up to do, as its main competitor iPad has a head start of more than six months. It’s understandable why Samsung’s new product is so successful, it has a weight which is lighter than the iPad, it’s handier due to the new 7 inch screen format and is powered by Google Android, which is one of the best mobile OS available. It is quite clear that Samsung will give Apple a run for its 90% market share. Due to the wide spread attention from customers, accessories and case manufacturers will start manufacturing products especially made to suit the Galaxy TAB, so users will be having even more options to personalize their latest gadget.

Presented here are the best Samsung Galaxy TAB cases, covers, stands and accessories that are available in the market right now. The main focus is on the popular models, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find something more unique, which suits your taste. So let’s start:

1. Tuff-Luv Traditional Leather Case Cover & Stand

As we are already quite familiar with Tuff-Luv, which only makes items of high quality. This Traditional Leather case cover and stand for Galaxy TAB is made from hand, using real black leather, and it uses an Over the Top cover style. The neat thing is that the Tuff-Luv case does not only cover your tablet, but also act as a stand, so that you can watch video clips with ease while involved with something else. As you can see, all the buttons and ports on the Samsung Galaxy TAB remain accessible while it’s placed inside the protective case. While it compared to the iPad cases the price is also reasonable.

2. PDair Leather Case

Although a bit more expensive, however, leather is the best material for making protective cases for tablets such as the Samsung galaxy tab. You’ll know you got a nice product when you will feel it in your hand. If maintained properly, it will stand the test of time. The same thing goes for the PDair Leather case for the Samsung Galaxy TAB. It is a unique product made from dark leather while stitched with a lighter contrasting color.PDair Leather case is what you would call an agenda style protective case, which basically means a classic design, with magnetic studs for opening and closing the case securely. And to top it off its all handmade which means that it is of the highest quality.

3. Dura-gadget Black Leather Protective Case with Stand

If you’re looking for a case that gives your Samsung Galaxy TAB more of a vintage look this is it. Dura-gadget Leather protective case with stand function is more of a vintage case that resembles the first PDA cases which came from HP. This might look a bit weathered but make no mistake it is made from real leather. To add to the value besides the material it’s made off, the Duda-gadget case features a desk stand with at least a dozen viewing angles for your convenience. As with every other case this one also keeps all your ports and buttons uncovered. And what’s more is that there is even a place on the back for business cards, credit cards and cash to fit. This case has the lowest price of all the Samsung galaxy tab cases, which provides a leather case.

4. Arkon Portable Fold-Up Stand

This is an accessory which will never be a burden to you as it is a fold able and adjustable stand which cannot only be used for Samsung galaxy tab but for the iPad and any other slim tablet. It is light in weight as it is made of plastic. It won’t even slip from glossy surfaces due to the non-stick coating of the stand. Along with many other viewing angles, it works perfectly in either landscape or portrait view.

5. Dura-gadget Car Charger

Now we are getting to something which travelers will love: car chargers.

The highest AMP rated charger for Samsung galaxy tab is this one from Dura-gadget, which means that it will have faster charging so that you can be more mobile. A cable which extends even to the back seats is quite handy with the two year warranty it comes with.

6. Gel Cover Case with Screen Protector and Stylus

If you’re more like a saving person and won’t like to spend too much money on accessories for a tablet which already took quite some money from your pocket then don’t you worry, there is something for you as well. This packaged deal which consists of a black case covered in gel, which comes with a screen protector and a handy stylus which might help you in hand writing and other note taking apps. The gel cover case is specially made keeping in mind to keep all the ports and buttons accessible, so don’t you worry.

7. rooCASE Super Bubble Neoprene Sleeve

A classic protective case might not be the perfect accessory for your Samsung Galaxy TAB, especially when you carry around a lot of gadgets. However, if that’s the case then go for the rooCASE that features an interior made from foam bubbles called “Super Bubble” that makes sure your precious tablet won’t get scratched or damaged even when dropped from a height of a few feet. This model particularly has a black smooth exterior and blue bubble interior. One more thing, thanks to its waterproof design the rooCASE Super Bubble Neoprene Sleeve also protects against moisture.


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