Best Netbook Tablet PCs With Advance Features

Posted on 11 April 2011

Now-a-days, we can see the race of progress all around us, as we know that the starting base of technology is actually calculator but till now human has reach up-to computers that can works even without wires, having small size and easily portable.

If we include netvertiblein Top Products then it will not wrong. We can say netvertible is convertible tablet PC which is having hardware configuration of net-book. Netvertible is a good choice which is providing shape of tablet PC and advantages of net-book. There touch sensitive area need CPU time just to detect and translate user touch while cursor moves on screen.

Here we are going to introduce some convertible net-book tablet PCs:

1. Dell Inspiron Mini Duo 3487FNT Convertible Laptop/Tablet

In Dell Inspiron Mini Duo you can have features, if you want to touch then you can use touch sensitive feature and you can also use typing facility. It has flip design that allows you switch comfortably from type to touch in a moment.

It is providing a good resolution screen with 1366 x 768-pixel resolution for native HD 720p display. For adobe flash technology and other heavy applications it has 1.5 G Hz Intel Atom dual-core N550 processor and 2 GB installed DDR3 RAM. It is also providing 320 GB SATA hard drive.

Multimedia and internet support

For connect to all over the world face-to-face it is providing 1.3 megapixel camera and microphone. Dell Inspiron also providing a feature such likes an entertainment hub. You can connect to face book, comment on photos, download movies, listen songs on Stereo speaker with 2 watts of power and play games.

Due to Blue-tooth facility a user can communicate with some peripheral devices that have Blue-tooth enabled facility.

2. Lenovo Idea-pad S10-3t 0651-85U 10.1-Inch Net-book Tablet

Enjoyable and attractive feature of this model is its large screen having multi-touch technology facility and 16:9 wide-screen and integrated 1.3M web camera. Its idea-pad S10-3t makes it more attractive and more pleasant.

The Idea-pad S10-3t based on useful technology for example Direct-share that uses for fast communication of your files with another PC without connecting to the internet and for easy and fast access to your music etc.

Its Touch tablet comes with 180 degree rotation.

Its design is simple and slim but gives stylish look. It is over an inch thin and its weight is only 2.76lbs, it provides long battery timing for up to 10 hours. It is based on Intel Atom N450 processor technology.

It also supportable for multi-media technology, having Integrated Card Reader and USB connectors for external media devices and for multi-media file storage it has 250GB HDD storage capacity.

It has 250GB SATA Hard Drive and there is system called Active Protection System that protects hard disk drive from shocks, and fluctuations.

3. ASUS Eee PC T101MT Convertible Tablet Net-book

It also based on touch screen technology having 10.1-inch touch-screen display that based on touch optimized software that allows a user to quick access. It has feature of screen rotation that not only make easy the representation, surfing web and share data with other people on opposite side but also transform it from a standard net-book into a tablet PC. With its pen writing feature a user can enjoy a smooth and natural writing experience. It detects different level of pressure from pen so you can create large sketches and models and write your signatures in your best style.

ASUS Eee PC offers a facility of built-in-recovery program that restore your system and reinstall your system to its original factory settings.

Its camera capacity is 3M pixel that connects you to your friends all over the on face-to-face chatting.

4. HP Touch-Smart

It is offering the 12.1-inch (1280 x 800) diagonal multi-touch LED display. Pen-writing feature allows you to write notes and open applications. Battery timing is up to 9.75 hours, which allows you to in-touch with your important business files at any time without need to plug-in.

HP also integrated fingerprint reader and HP Simple-Pass software that can manage password and you can also enjoy video chat.

It offers Intel Core i3-330UM Processor, 640GB SATA Hard Drive; Windows 7 Home Premium and 4GB DDR3 System Memory. Its weight is 12.8 x 9.1 x 1.2 inches; 4.2 pounds.

Its other features details included 3 Universal Serial Buses, VGA and Headphone/Microphone with combo jack etc.

5. ASUS Eee PC T91SA-VU1X-BK 8.9-Inch Intel Atom Net-book Computer

Simple and stylish design with portability feature, ASUSEee PC allows you to control your system and connect to the world by just your finger touch. It has 8.9-inch Gloss LED-Back-lit WSVGA touch screen (1024×600), it can detect different level of pressure near about 256 level of pressure it can detect and its weight is 2.11lbs including battery.

It is actually world’s smallest PC, but it is providing all features of modern technology.

Processor is Intel Atom Z520 and storage capacity is 52 GB Hybrid Storage. Its camera (0.3 Mega-pixel) has limited and small capacity then other devices. It also provides the feature of long life battery; typical battery life is 4.5 to 5 hours.

For multi-media support, stereo Speakers, Hi-Definition Audio CODEC, Bluetooth2.1 + EDR, Digital Array Microphone, 2-in-1 MMC/SD card reader included in its features. Touch Gate software is already installed in it that make switching between folders, web searching and in time saving way allows you to search applications on internet very easy.

You can also read e-books and navigate your web sites easily while in tablet mode.

By using pen a user can write on screen, by other features you can enjoy different facilities by widgets you can access your desired utility tools, by memos feature a user can make reminder for any meeting or any other event.

6. Gigabyte T1000P 10.1 inch Multi-Touch Tablet PC

You can consider Gigabyte T1000P as an entertainment device because it provides high and good quality audio/video settings. Its display is 10.1 Touch TFT-LCD WSVGA. Its processor is Intel Atom-TM, N470 1.83GHz, it also provides Embedded HSDPA Support.

Having display of 10.1 Multi Touch TFT-LCD, with 1.3M pixels web-cam.

Its battery has long life even if seeing movie, WI-FI on, with audio/video uses battery can live for 5 hours at least.

Its screen resolution is 1366X768, in this high resolution you can enjoy a good view and video representation in better way. This is actually is HD resolution; if a user wants to change this resolution then he can do it according to his choice.

It has mini express slot and other multi- purpose slots. There is also VGA connector, separate headphone and microphone jack, built-in 3.5G Antenna and its battery is Li-ion 6 cells.

Its some other features are:

Mouse pad with Multi-Touch feature

Built-in HSDPA Support

2.5, 9.5mm SATA HDD 5400rpm


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One Response to “Best Netbook Tablet PCs With Advance Features”

  1. Luxembourg says:

    I will start out that this would not be my first choice for a computer since my tastes lie in a Intel Core i5 2500k sitting next to me. That said, I was pleasantly surprised at how useful this netbook actually is. Initially, I saw the small’ish screen and the tiny keyboard and thought that it would be difficult to see and use, but I was wrong. The size issue seems to disappear once you start surfing or pulling up email. After finding myself grabbing the Duo instead of my PC’s keyboard for simple tasks, I found the true allure of this device – portability. Where this thing shines is when something pops up in conversation and you want to check it online and you’re there. It has the familiarity of Windows 7 which will make many happy and the ease of use as many tablets (others compare it to the iPad, but I will get to that). Over all, this is a great computer without many flaws.


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