Best Free Android Widgets

Posted on 23 April 2011

If you are Android user then you must have knowledge about what you can do with your Android. There is a great number of free applications and widgets that are available for Android phones. You can make most of these widgets and can turn your Android into a complete pocket PC for you. Following are some free widgets for Android.

1. Power Widget

This widget works wonders, as it allows you to move from one application to other in quick time. It allows you to toggle among wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, screen brightness and sync.

2. Scoreboard Application Widget

This is wonderful and useful widgets if you are a sport geek and want to have sport news in your palm. It is an official application that is released by Google. Via this application widget you get the latest news and scores of your favorite team during the game. You can also scroll through different teams to view the dates and history of their previous and upcoming match dates and history.

3. Facebook Widget

Who doesn’t use Facebook? Off course everyone upon the earth is a Facebook user and if you have Android then this widget is perfect for your Android phone. Via this widget you can change your pictures, set updates and reply to messages in quick time. This application works efficiently, so you can rely on it for Facebooking.

4. Android Agenda Widget

This widget is available in two views i.e. medium and large. It is a useful and efficient way to get access to your expected appointments. It also allows you to extract data from multiple calendars instead of only the native Android Calendar application.

5. Fox News Widget

Everybody wants to keep a close eye on what is going on around the world, so this widget is perfect for getting latest news updates. It has an auto-refresh button that minimizes your work.

You can read latest news stories via touching this widget on your Android phone. You can get news of particular genre like sports, music etc.

6. Analytics Widget

This is another interesting widget that shows your visits and views which you have made on different web pages. Downside of this widget is that it cannot be refresh manually and it takes a little time to show the newest data.

7. Weather Widget

This widget is available from a renowned weather channel application. This widget is available in two different sizes. It responses in quick time and displays newest weather information.

8. SMS Unread Count Widget

This widget displays the numbers of unread messages in your inbox. The numbers of messages are displayed on the icon of messaging.

9. Music Widget

This is a default widget that comes with the phone. You can enjoy your favorite songs by performing basic functions like play/pause or forward. This widget is offered by the stock music application. You can enjoy listening to your favorite songs just by a single touch of your finger.

10. Other Best Free Widgets

Some of the best widgets apart from above listed are as follows:

  • Twitdroid
  • Android Guys
  • Flight Stats
  • Taskiller
  • Pandora


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