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Posted on 02 April 2011

Open Handset Alliance, is actually an organization to build a better mobile phone with advance features, Android is also product of this team. The first Android-handset launched in the market was the G1 device. Android built upon a foundation of the Linux kernel, and it having a lot of features.

1. Archos 7 Home Tablet with Android

Archos has a lot of advance features, it has wide high-resolution screen of 800 x 480, memory of 8 gigabytes where a user can place up to 7 full-length movies, 4,000 songs or 80,000 photos. It also provide the facility to access web from where you can continuously get information, Enjoy your favorite movie clips or watch You Tube videos. It has feature of built-in WI-Fi, on a single charging user can enjoy 7 hours videos or 44 hour music, transfer of data, easy access to information services, such as weather , worldwide news and local business directories. You can access your favorite newspapers, careers’ opportunities or financial information directly from the home tablet.

In over all view this affordable device will keep you entertained and in touch to over the world, all day long and every day.

2. Moonse E-7001

It is also an advance product; a user can have a good experience with this. This is a stock Chinese vendor, having a best hardware features combination. It provides touch screen feature of 7 inch, with 1.3 mega pixel camera, its hardware is straight rip off of Apple iPad.

It is also having 3G HSDPA modem to connect Internet from which you can connect all over the world and can enjoy multimedia facility. It is considering a best product in android applications includes in category of solid media gadgets.

3. Camangi Web Station

It is considered the first 7 inch android pad; it provides a bigger screen a user can enjoy a fine experience. Such like other tablets it also provide the facility to access the Internet also with WI-Fi connectivity, multimedia player, Music, weather and latest news, stock market information and check e-mail. It has capacity of 8 GB SD card memory where a user can place 10000 eBooks, 10000 photos, 3000 songs.

Its design is slim and simple with high-resolution 800×480 pixels offering a reliable screen size. Now a day it comes with advance and latest features including camera and Screen resolution setting.

It is also best choice to read eBooks, with sharp colors. Not only read books due to its slim and smart design it is easily portable it has less than 1/ 3 of Net book’s average weight and only 1/2 inch thin.

You can keep it in hand and move to office or and place. It replaces the need to carry a heavy notebook with a comfortable screen resolution.

4. Enso Zen pad

This android tablet is also taking part in race of competition of development. This is Hong Kong based exciting electronic product. It comes with 5-inch touch-screen LCD with 800×480 resolutions. It has featured of built in WI-Fi and separate dongles for telephone connectivity and for USB. It comes with 256 RAM and Samsung 533 MHz arm processor.  Its memory capacity is 1 GB on board storage and 8 GB on SD card.

One positive feature that differentiate it from other products that to download applications it comes with Google market on board.

It is offering $155 stock price and $240 included all loaded.


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