Asus EEE Keyboard PC

Posted on 21 April 2011

The PCs which have option of all-in-one are definitely carries extraordinary value, especially for those clients who would like to use personal computers that should not be bulky, rather these should be light weighted. Actually, these clients have been used to work with that type of gadgets that don’t require any particular and additional installation. Hence, by using an all-in-one personal computer, they don’t require much time for fixing it up. They also don’t need to know more details about Information Technology (IT).

ASUS EE Keyboard PC

For the type of above mentioned customer, one of the available products in market is ‘Asus EEE Keyboard PC’. This was offered some time back in the market. Now, one can purchase it from Amazon at a very high cost of US$599.

All-in-one Product Offered by Apple

Prior to speaking about its high price, let us see that actual product with its detailed features presented by apple. It is actually a complete notebook build up inside the keyboard. This keyboard is not as chunky as that of the normal size keyboard that you use in office. It also has a battery inside it.

This battery is fully competent to supply power to the complete system as well as to the 5 inches incorporated touch screen for almost four hours.

Specifications of the ASUS EEE Keyboard PC

Following are the impressive and useful specifications of the ASUS EEE Keyboard Personal Computer:

  • A 5’ touch screen with the resolution of 800×480 pixels
  • An internal battery up to four hours powering time
  • HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) output
  • Elegant devise with backlit key
  • Light weight; only 950 grams
  • The CPU of Intel Atom N270
  • With the availability of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Operation system Windows XP Home Edition
  • DDR2 RAM of one GB
  • LAN facility of Gigabit
  • Revolving screen with the instrument to measure screen rotation

How to Use it Away from a Desktop Monitor?

One cannot really comprehend how the ASUS EEE Keyboard PC can be utilized, if he or she is not near to the actual desktop screen, as it is very difficult to use it with no peripheral monitor. In fact the particular type of user interface coupled with Windows XP won’t assist much in this regard. It, however, makes things somewhat handier. Actually, you can use the 5 inches monitor as a secondary device, but not the primary device for display.


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