5 Best Winterboard Themes for iPhone(Jailbroken)

Posted on 30 April 2011

iPhone needs no introduction. iPhone has revolutionized the hand-held media. One can have a plenty of options to play with the iPhone. There are numerous applications and softwares are available to installed in an iPhone. Everyone wants to decorate his or her iPhone with beautiful and attractive themes. Winterboard is a Theme Application designed for iPhone. Winterboard themes are hell of different themes available on Internet. Winterboard is a jailbreak application – and has been used widely by the lovers of jailbreak iPhone applications. Winterboard has been developed by Cydia.

In this piece we have hunted the best Winterboard jailbreak Themes for your iPhone. Let’s enjoy the Top 5 jailbroken iPhone themes of Winterboard. Listed below all are SBSettings Themes.

1. Tenuis Winterboard Theme

Tenuis Winterboard is a Theme with lots of icons. There are many varieties of icons available on internet. You can easily download your favorite icons via Internet. There is a much space for icon lover in Tenuous Winter board Theme. There are as many as 2000 icons downloadable from Internet. This is one of a kind of jailbroken Themes who have a wide range of beautiful and refined icons. By installing this Theme your iPhone will look more stylish and equipped with plenty of icons to show off. Your iPhone will not be a smart one until you have installed Tenuous Winter board Theme. There are plenty of options in Tenuous. It provides the best customized menu for you iPhone.

2. Frame black winter board Theme

Frame black is the most desirable Winterboard Theme for jailbroken iPhone seekers. The most attractive part of this Theme is the elegant art design of wallpapers. Each icon has its own unique wallpaper. This is the kind of Theme that will enhance the beauty of your iPhone display. Customization in this theme is easy with some good options.

3. Matte Nano Winterboard Theme

It is indeed a unique Theme as its name describes the uniqueness too. Icons of this Theme are elegant yet simple. One can easily detect the standard icons of this Theme.

Icons of this Theme are slightly embossed and raised above the standard level. This surely makes it a beautiful Theme for those who like to play straight and simple.

4. Soda Winterboard Theme

Background of this Theme is stylish in its own way. Soda has been designed keeping the simplicity of a cell phone in mind. The icons display in the navigator is materializing with exclusiveness –and Soda has incorporated with different background themes. Anyone can find his or her choice of backgrounds suitable with all sorts of application icons.

5. Alpine Springboard Theme

This jailbroken Springboard, another category of Winterboard, Themes is getting popularity with massive pace. The reason is simple, because it has many icons one can assigned to any particular applications. You will not bore with the same icon you got for one application. You can change the icons of applications with Alpine Theme. This Theme has plenty of icons to play with. Each icon is beautiful.


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