Top Game Apps for Android

Posted on 05 March 2011

Android mobiles are becoming popular in today’s generation. They are quickly becoming the top choice since they are best alternative of iPhones at a cheap price. There are many applications for these android cell phones. If you love playing games then you must want to know about more games applications. Here we are discussing some famous and best game applications for your android phones.

1. Gem Miner: Dig Deeper

Gem Miner: Dig Deeper

It is one of the best addicting android games for anyone who loves to play games. The more you play, more you become addicted of it. You have to try to build your fortune and for this you have to explore a huge mine and dig for gems, coal and maps. The more money you have, the deeper you can dig. So enjoy the game.

2. ToonWarz

It is a shooter war game with nice graphics. It has 4 missions and tutorials to complete them. You can play as a single player as well as multiplayer. One needs time to become familiar with the controls.

Currently, the game not a freeware and one has to pay for it. It’s a great android game which runs smoothly and supports multi touch.

3. Armored Strike

This game can be played either with the computer or you can invite an online friend. The mission is simple; you have to destroy the enemy before they can destroy you as it is a war game. You can buy upgrades from the money earned in the game. The more en

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