Top 10 Best Free Blackberry Applications

Posted on 29 March 2011

Blackberry phones have a plenty of free applications accessible, which will make your mobile device more then just a phone.  Know about best Blackberry free applications that you can download in your cell phone and can make your smart phone worthier than it is. Let’s get started to take a look on 10 most amazing and cool applications of the Blackberry phone.

i). Pandora Mobile

Pandora has an admirable free Blackberry application which permits you to use your desktop version in the way you want, allowing you do everything essential. You can generate new stations; listen to the previously generated ones, rate songs and more.

ii). Neosistec CarFinder

Here is the most amazing application; suppose youa parked your car anywhere in parking lot and finding it difficult to find. This application helps you find your car. What you need to do is while leaving the car, open CarFinder’s menu and mark the location of your car via blackberry GPS. As you are finished with the job and you need to get back to the car simply open CarFinder and that will display you your previous marked location via compass or the Blackberry Maps application. You can also inform your friend about the car position.

iii). Qik Mobile

Qik application permits you to stream live video from your SmartPhone to the internet for free. By using it you can stream video for anyone who wants to see, or you can confine someone’s access with a password.

Note: Qik is only executable on those Blackberry models that have a camera.

iv). Google Maps

Google Maps application could be used in a number of ways, for instance, getting directions, get maps in satellite view, watch traffic and see your current location all of them could be achieved by using just one application. It shows the maps etc. in the same way as the famous online maps websites does. The only difference is that you are actually using them on your phone.

Note: If your Blackberry does not have GPS, you can still find locations and directions etc. But it works more precisely with GPS.

v). Palringo

If you are fond of instant messaging, you will amazed by Palringo. It is instant massaging client supporting AIM, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Google Talk and many more. You can also enjoy chat with users of Parlingo (on Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian Phone and Iphone/Ipod) through text chat, voice or pictures. Palringo’s voice potential is almost same as push-to-talk software. It is simply great software to interact with your friends online or on Mobile Phones.

vi). Boopsie

Boopsie is a very agile application that lets you delve for articles from various websites as Wikipedia, Amazon, IMDB and many more. This application allows you to look for such informatics things via different channels.

All you need to do is pull up your favorite channel and then simply delve the content, and at once you will see the results.

vii). Viigo

Viigo is an amazing application that their manufacturer claims that “This is an application you will never want to be without”. It allows viewing news, audio and video clips, RSS feeds, podcasts, weather, Stocks & money data, and many more. Furthermore, by using this one application you can access sports scores and even you can read books online.

viii). Blackberry Appworld

Appworld is an application entirely made by Blackberry itself. It allows you to download and install many other Blackberry apps. The secret behind it is; that many developers bestow their applications to the repository that could be used by anyone. The Only limitation is, that you must have a PayPal account to boast.

ix). Facebook

This is an application that needs no introduction. The only extra-ordinary and adequate utility allowing you to share pictures, online applications, messages with your friends. Improved technology brought this vast application into your Blackberry device. It is capable to do almost everything that could be done on their desktop site. A very adorable feature of this app is recent update. It allows you to link your friend’s facebook profile pictures with their contact in your Blackberry address book.

x). Twitterberry

If you are a twitter user then Twitterberry is a completely advantageous for you. By using this app you can view or send updates more quickly and conveniently. Furthermore, you can send messages and view replies of your friends.

Note: All the applications mentioned above requires unlimited data plan because of the magnitude of bandwidth they acquire.


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